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Finally got around to installing the XS Big Dot Sights on my P320C. Actually, went with the standard dot on the 320C and the big dot on the 320SC. Here are a few observations.

On installation.

Installation was not as easy with the 320 as it was with the Glock 42. I really wish Sig went with the screw-on front sight like the Glock has, because the front dovetail is a *****.

The rear sight was sized perfect for the rear dovetail but the front sight needed a little filing down to fit. If you install these sights yourself and need to file down the sight, do so very conservatively. Try the sight after every two swipes on the file because it is very easy to over file these sights.

I speak from experience and my first attempt ended up with a front sight that slid through the dovetail too freely.

The other challenge with installation was centering the sights on the slide. It can be a frustrating experiencing trying to nudge the sight one way or the other to make up .010" difference. I eventually gave up and decided to live with the .010" difference.

Big Dot vs. Standard Dot

I was concerned that the Big Dot was too big and went with the Standard Dot on my 320C, which is for duty carry. The Standard Dot is larger than Sig's night sights and easier to pick up on.

Both dot sizes worked great shooting inside of 25 yards. The Standard Dot seemed more accurate from 25yds or further though. You tend to shoot through the Big Dot because it conceals more of your target. The Big Dot is doable from 25 yards but you'll need to aim a smidgen higher than your intended point of impact.

Neither versions of the XS sights are designed for pinpoint accuracy but for me, if I can get a 6" center of mass grouping from 25 yards or closer, I'm fine with that. I do like the style and as my eyesight fades the larger dots are easier to pick up on.

I was only able to run a few magazines through both pistols but overall I'm glad I made the switch. It is a nice change from the three-dot sight picture. I'm still irritated that I screwed up the installation but you live, you learn.

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I don't like Big Dots or other enhanced front sights , they tend to take away from whats out in front of me for defensive use . I good with black sight for rangefun and plinking and basic night sights for carry . Don't have the eyes any more for quality group shooting with open sights but use to really liked a small brass bead front sight and matching U shaped rear back when shoot handguns at bowling pins at long ranges .

Been know to use black pant on white dots too .

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I put XS Big Dot sights on my 320SC EDC and actually shoot it as well as I do either of my X5s or Legions. I am a big fan. Next month they will have been on 2 years and a couple of thousand rounds.

I bought the sight system after reading an article by a LEO who had been in a number of "gunfights"

Edit: installation was a PIA. Instructions say "DO NOT USE A SIGHT PUSHER" but it was the only way I could get it on
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