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X5 Legion Magazine Parts?

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I had a magazine come apart on my during a mag drop reload. I found all the parts except the little plate that goes between the baseplate and the spring that holds the baseplate on. I believe it is called a lock plate?

Anyone know where I can get a replacement?
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I have only seen them for sale as a kit with the baseplate, that is what I bought when I needed one. Top gun supply has some in stock...

SIG Magazine Base Plate - P320 21RND - COY - Top Gun Supply
Thanks, unfortunately it looks like I need to buy the way more expensive Legion baseplates. Sigh.
Do the legions take the square or round lock plates? The hole is round in the pic but I can't see the inside to see if the recess is square.
Call Sig Customer Support.
Their Mags are not supposed to come apart.
With any luck Sig will send you what you need for free or replace your magazine
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts