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X-Rays on P320SC

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I want to get a P320 9mm SC for carry off Gunbroker and am deciding between ordering with Siglites preinstalled (which I love on my P229) or ordering with contrasts and adding X-Rays. Any suggestions on which, and if X-Rays what sizes or where to look for best sizes to use? I've seen to use 6's and 8's or both 8's on a compact 9mm but nothing on what on a SC. Any help is appreciated.
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I had Siglites on my SC when I bought it and I liked them ok. The front sight died and I got Sig to replace them with the Xrays and like them way better. The rear sight is muted/ blacked out and the front has a huge green dot that I like a lot and getting sight picture and alignment is much faster. For the sight height just get the same heights that are on the pistol you get unless you want to change the POI. Mine came with 8 front and rear so that's what the Xrays are.

Here are some pics of the Xrays on my 320sc:

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