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Writing on P365 Barrel

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I recently got a Sig Sauer P365 at my local gun shop. Included in the purchase was a gray SIG case, magazine redemption form for the second magazine due to coronavirus, owners manual, and gun lock. My question is with the “Sig Sauer” and 9mmx19 on the barrel. On most of the barrels I’ve seen, those letters are nice; crisp, and precise. However, on mine the letters looks like they were hand engraved, and extremely sloppy. I’ve had others tell me that it’s a fake barrel or knockoff barrel. I just don’t see how it could be. There is no way the gun had been used before I bought it. Is this normal or what?


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I do not believe in "knock off" barrels coming from the factory. That is absurd.
But I have never seen a "font" like that. The closest thing to that in Microsoft's True Type Fonts would be the Comic Sans MS font. That looks like a kid wrote it.

SIG always has very crisp letters and numbers on their barrels. Not even back in the day when it looked more like script was it that sloppy.

Looks to me like somebody got bored and was playing around.

What the heck is the "H2O" on the opposite side (I don't think it means water)? Never seen that. But I don't own a P365.
The OP and I were on DM and I had sent him an example of the Comic Sans Serif in my first response. That is exactly what it looked like to me.

If the barrels are stamped, making a new die for multiple fonts makes no sense. Everyone is about branding and keeping that brand appearance. That change on the barrel is enough for anyone to question wht the heck happened.
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