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Wondering if someone makes a 9mm conversion barrel

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To fit a 40 slide like they do in 229? Pretty sure factory 9mm barrel won't work. Thanks.
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A factory barrel does fit and function but is a little loose. Barsto, efk and others probably will but not until things calm down and they have the time.
Remember that the 9mm magazine that properly fits the frame is also needed as well as recoil spring. I believe Barsto does have a conversion barrel.
I have a full size 320 with a Barsto barrel haven't tried it but will later on. That would be nice just to throw another barrel in it than have to get dedicated complete 9mm upper.
I would contact Barsto precision.
Yup, Bar-Sto, but I have a word of warning. Not really a warning, per se, but some information to be aware of.

The semi-fit barrels are great, but you may (and perhaps likely) experience a little vertical play in the lock-up that may or may not make a difference. Certainly I don't consider it a problem for concealed carry, but if you're looking for supreme accuracy (which Bar-Sto is more than capable), then you might consider custom fit (if you want to shoot competition or want a serious tack driver at the range).

Remember, there is something called "practical accuracy" because whether you are shooting two or four legged creatures, reasonable accuracy IS paramount (e.g. vitals & head shots; however, precision accuracy is not). Even though .45 ACP makes larger holes than 9mm (and in most cases has more energy), its superior accuracy does NOT translate to better incapacitation. This is something hunters have been talking about probably since time immemorial and certainly over the decades (regarding sub MOA not being necessary for hunting generally). In fact, centerfire rifles on average do not stop people better than .357 SIG/Magnum rounds despite the rifle's superior accuracy and energy (head & torso hits: An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power | Buckeye Firearms Association).

I just wanted to let you know because, although the pricing of "upgrading" to a hand-fitted conversion barrel is reasonable, if memory serves, you're responsible for shipping your weapon (which can start to add up SIGNIFICANTLY). That's why I went with a semi-fit option, but unlike my factory .357 and .40 barrels, the lock up on my Bar-Sto semi-fit is not quite as tight as my OEM barrels. These calibers (.357/40) are inherently slightly more accurate because of the greater velocity and mass respectively, so I don't have a custom fit barrel to compare it to (to keep it an apples to apples comparison for tack driving), but theoretically the play pressing down on the barrel hood might sacrifice a bit of precision accuracy (though it won't hurt practical accuracy given the quality of the barrel).

Generally speaking (and there certainly are exceptions), the more accurate you make a pistol the less reliable it becomes (as tighter tolerances may lend themselves to failure, especially when exposed to the elements).

Bar-Sto is top shelf, but keep all this in mind.
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It’s a 320, just get a separate slide and build it out as a 9mm. Much easier
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