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Wilson Combat grip and perceived recoil

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I put a WC carry grip module on my P320 in 40 cal, running 165 grain ammunition. I noticed better recoil management and quicker follow up shots. This is just me but the WC grip seems to reduce recoil in my P320 40 cal. Prior to the WC I was shooting an X carry grip module.
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From what I understand it's Wilson's grip angle that makes it better. Glad you like it, I will be doing a new build with a Wilson grip module..
Stay tuned.;)
I will say the exact same thing Alpo. My son and I just took our M18 with WC grip and a standard carry 320 with Sigs medium grip and shot them side by side, 3 rnds, 3 rnds, and so on and you could tell the WC grip had less muzzle flip than the standard 320 w/ Sig grip. I was actually surprised myself as well as my son. They do make a difference and I would have never believed it unless we actually just tried it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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