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Who has been to Sig Academy?

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I live in Atlanta but thinking of going for a couple of days this summer. I've shot for years but have never been to a formal class.

I've emailed them and they gave me an outline of what they recommend. More conceal carry and real life situations.

Wondering if they are that much better than local classes which I hear mix views on.

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Sig Academy Classes

I have taken pistol and shotgun classes at Sig Academy. The higher you go in skill levels, the less babysitting you will get. You need to match your abilities with the class level. I did the series pistol 101, 102 and 103 in the space of one month. Because I was a new shooter and did not have a place to practice skills learned in 101 and 102, I had a hard time with 103. That said, the instructors are first rate and will work you hard.

Note that you get 20% off list price of their firearms at the pro shop after you take a course.

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Visited when I had a break on a business trip.... Boston.

Drove just an hour to get to the Academy and looked around for a few hours. The facilities are very impressive.

Oh....and the Pro Shop with significantly damage your retirement savings plan if you let it.

There is a discount on guns if you take a class....but the staff offered the same discount to me if I bought a gun....uh....and I did....

In the Pro Shop you can just pick up and handle most of the long guns. The wall of pistols is really impressive.

Well worth a visit.

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