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Which WOLFF brand hammer spring are you running?

  • stock weight

    Votes: 8 25.0%
  • 17#

    Votes: 7 21.9%
  • 18#

    Votes: 11 34.4%
  • 19#

    Votes: 6 18.8%
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stock, if it ain't broke don't attempt to fix it.
It's not about being broken. It is about getting the pull weight you desire. Not every gun in the collection is used in defense purposes. My P226 is not. It is a historical icon, but it is strictly a range/toy gun for me. Too many lighter and sleeker options for carry purposes and I like a high-cap with tac rail for nightstand use. My P226 is sans-rail.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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