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What is the best Safariland ALS system holster that will work with a P226 Legion SAO with an optic?

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I figure at last one person in these forums has found which one of Safariland’s holsters work well with the SAO Legions. I currently have the P226 SAO Legion without an optic on it. I managed to get the Safariland 6377-77 ALS holster to work with it. However, I don’t think this holster was made for guns with rails as I have alot of wear marks on the rails.

Anyway, the TL;DR questions would be: what Safariland ALS holster would work best for a Sig P226 Legion SAO with no optic, no light. And what Safariland ALS holster would work best with an optic, no light?
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Best bet is to call Safariland directly and ask them.

I did a quick search on their holster finder and didn’t see anything. You may have better luck.

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