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We're probably hosed.

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I hadn't considered this previously, but Sig is headed more and more toward military sales. I feel like eventually there might be a break point when they end up like HK. A couple of items (like pistols) that they sell to consumers, but the vast majority of products for military/LE only. For the newer Sig fans who are into striker fired stuff, probably no big deal. For those of us who love the classic series, I feel like it may be the end of an era. Or, maybe that already happened and I failed to notice.
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And……with remote un manned weaponry, they won’t have to worry about cold feet within the ranks, when the unsavory depopulation orders come down.
Boy, doesn’t that give you the warm and fuzzy’s
THIS is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

Sometimes we worry too much
Or perhaps not enough.
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Yup. There is something about, distance from the fray, which has a negative effect on moral decision making. Just read up on LBJ. 😡

We have had this discussion on this forum, many times. The general consensus, at least before January 6, 2021, was that government employees would not follow illegal orders to kill citizens. The remote control killing machines, will not even have that much hesitation.
True. All you need is a handful willing to "follow orders." History can, and does, repeat itself.
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Will do. Unpleasant thoughts, go away! Back to our regular programming.
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