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I know there are multiple threads on the WC grip modules. I've read through them and get more confused with every reading.

I have both an X Carry and X Compact. I put the X Compact WC grip module on the X Compact. Fits well. Love the size and feel. Now, I want to put a WC grip module on my X Carry. I'm a little confused. Do I need the Carry or Carry II? I want it to match the 3.9" slide/barrel.


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I believe it goes like this.

Wilson Carry II 3.6 slide 17 rounds

Wilson Carry 3.9 17 rounds

Wilson Compact 3.9 15 rounds

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Even though you purchased the WC X-Compact Grip (3.6" Barrel) for your X-Compact you could have also purchased the Carry II (3.6" Barrel) for your X-Compact and you would have the Full Grip with the Magwell.
You would need to use 17 & 21 Round magazines.

The only thing that Wilson Combat did to make a X-Compact Grip was to cut off the Magwell to make the Grip itself shorter so the Grip will accept a 15 Round Magazine.
No other dimensions have been changed between The X-Compact & the Carry II Grips.

The Carry Grips were designed to fit 3.9" Barrels as in the Compact, Carry & X-Carry Slides.

The Carry II Grips were designed to fit 3.6" Barrels as in the X-Compact / Sub-Compact.

To make the Carry II... Wilson Combat cut .3" off of the Dust Cover where the Picatinny Rails are...thus 3.9" became a 3.6" Grip.
No other dimensions were changed and the Full Grip & Magwell remained between the Carry & Carry II Grips.

So it is simple..just think of the Carry II as the Shorter version of the Carry.

The X-Compact Grip is a Carry II with the Magwell cut off to accept a shorter 15 Round Magazine.

The Compact Grip is a Carry Grip with the Magwell cut off to accept 15 Round Magazines.

That's the crux of Wilson Combat Grips.
If you think about it..It sounds a lot more Confusing than it really is..
Everything is built around the Wilson Combat "Full Size" 4.7" Barrel Grip..
Just a Cut Here and a Cut there so the Same Grip can accommodate different Length Slides and Magazines.

I put a Wilson Grip under my Compact RX Slide which is a 3.9" Slide.

So with a 3.9" Slide I had 3 choices...

* Carry Grip with Magwell and 17 & 21 Round Magazines.

* Compact Grip without the Magwell but the Grip will accept a 15, 17 & 21 Round Magazines.

* Carry II Grip with Magwell and 17 & 21 Round Magazines
The 3.9" Compact Slide will extend past the Dust Cover / Picatinny Rail by .3"..Some people like that look.

I chose the Carry Grip because I would rather have the Full Magwell Grip..even though I had to purchase a 17 Round Magazine to Fit the Grip.
I tried a WC Compact Grip but I did not like the fit with my Pinky resting on the 15 round mag Basepad.

If you have a 3.6" Slide you have 2 choices for a Wilson Combat Grip.

* X-Compact without Magwell and 15, 17 & 21 Round Magazines.

* Carry II With a Magwell but uses 17 & 21 Round Magazines

It's that simple.

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I would get the Carry II so you can use it on your subcompact slide as well if you ever want to in the future. Carry II would work with both Sub Compact Slide and Carry Slide.

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Both the Carry and Carry II will fit an X-Carry albeit the Carry II will have 0.3” of the slide protrude past the grip module (like P226) and you can use it on the X-Compact as well.

I’d get the Carry II for added versatility with both slides and personally I like the look of the 3.9” slide on the shorter frame.

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