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Walther WMP. A rimfire magnum.

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After seeing the release of this pistol I happened upon one locally and snapped it up. Why? Why not! The idea of a WMR pistol intrigued me.
I then picked up a Swampfox Liberty RDS and promptly installed it. (I have bought a couple of their Sentinel optics and really was impressed).
First impressions. This is a LARGE pistol. It is truly a full size! Not overly heavy but it does fill my hand.
Fit and finish are very nice. Well done.
The optic cut is a nice addition. Plates included are for the RMR (hence the Swampfox Liberty) and Vortex Venom footprint.
Trigger pull on both my Lyman and Wheeler gages was 2#10oz. With a decent feel.
The magazines are 15 round mags, polymer with a steel liner. Much like the FN 502T. And large. Again, full size feel.
Front sight is fiber optic. Rear is polymer with two height options. They do not co witness with the Liberty.
Polymer grip module. Aluminum slide. Bull barrel.
Traditional breakdown.
I had a quick range trip with it. Only 75 rounds. (I shot it after working with a couple other rimfire pistols).
30 rounds of CCI MaxiMag 40 grain hollow point and 45 rounds of CCI MaxiMag 40 grain copper plated round nose.
Perfect execution. No issues at all.
I ran a quick target to dial in the optic at seven yards. I should have taken more time to really fine tune it, but rain was on the way and I wanted to hammer some steel.
A 15 yard swinger wasn’t a challenge.
The fifteen yard swinging post went 14 of 15!
A 25 yard 12” swinger was an easy target.
I even rang a few quick hits at the 50 yard swinger. Yeah, only a few.
Conclusion. This thing is FUN to shoot. Large pistol feel. Large pistol report. Large pistol handling.
The Swampfox Liberty RDS feels like a winner, but it’s an early impression.
I need to get back out and run a few hundred more rounds through it to get a better overall rating, but, right now this pistol has really got my attention.
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I have the Rock Island 1911 pattern 22wmr. Loads of fun to shoot. Am not sure it has any other use. 22wmr was designed for rifles and the muzzle blast in a pistol is substantial
As a defensive pistol with that many rounds it would be a formidable pistol. Hell, if you didn't hit the target you'd at least blind and burn them. Lol wouldn't be my first or second choice but it would work with appropriate hits.
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