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Vortex Optics

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I just received a package in the mail from Vortex Optics. I called them a couple of days ago to get some new turret covers for a scope that I have. I really like Vortex, it is the affordable optic that revials Leupold in my opinion. I got the package from them in two days! They have a 100% Lifetime Warranty. The cost to me: zero. Customer service is hands down the best in the industry!!! Just sending out a KUDO's to the Company and their crew.
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I've moved to them over the last year over Leupy and good over for me. Great customer service and quality products. From 2k 1x6 AR scope that I actually picked over Nightforce and I had them together and used them both for a day at the range to the red dot. Happy with mine on MPX and Beretta 1301 12GA>
My next long range scope will be Nightforce. The NF warranty might not be as good as Vortex but I’ll never need to use it. I’ve seen several Vortex break. Never seen a failure from NF.
I have owned Nightforce, but they are really expensive unless you use them a lot. I bought a Strike Eagle 1-6X24 just to put it on my 300 Blackout. The Vortex is a perfect fit for the 300BLK. I really don't like red dots, but that is just me.
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Vortex products and their CS.
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I have Sig optics on my main 2 ARs and Vortex on my 2 back up ARs. Really like the Vortex in every way EXCEPT that they don’t active with motion. I prefer optics that are battle ready the moment I touch them.
I have 2 scopes from Vortex and like them a lot. Never needed CS yet. Hope I don’t have to.
I have 50 percent of my optics are Vortex. The other 50 percent is a mix of trijicon, leopold, and Sig.
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I've had several Vortex scopes and they're all excellent. However I also bought some mid-price
range Vortex binoculars a few years ago that are just so-so. Not very crisp or clear. Surprising.
I have several Vortex red dots. I misplaced the lens caps for one of them and contacted customer service for replacement (expecting to be charged for them). They sent them and a couple of lens cleaning cloths in a matter of several day (no charge). Great customer support.
i have also heard good things.
i had similar good experience from leupold as well. the eye cup for a mark 5 spotter was torn.
this was purchased second hand, and i called them and they sent me 2 new ones for free, received within a week.
I've used Vortex for over 10 years and I love their optics. But, I gotta say, I just bought an Athlon Helos BTR Gen II 2-12x42 ffp, Illuminated Reticle (mil) Zero Stop....and, I got a good deal....they are usually $$529, but at MK Machining I got 10%off plus, they threw in their Pro Throw Lever and Billet Level
I think it was like $476 shipped & that 2 day UPS
I got it for my Armalite AR10 & fellas, I gotta say, it's freaking punching waaay above its price.....
Imo, scopes have came a helluva long way in just the last 5 years.
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