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VG6 Gamma 556 Brake/Comp

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Has anyone installed a VG6 Gamma on either a SIG516 Patrol Gen 2 or a M400 Carbine? If so, please let me know your thoughts as far as the following:

Amount of increased Loudness

Reduction in Recoil


Blowback or side blow back

I appreciate any and all info related to this other suggestions. Afriend recommended this Comp/Brake to me, and have no experience with a comp/brake on either my 516 or 400.
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Not the gamma and not on a sig, but I have the VG6 Epsilon and there isn't much difference between the two. It is very effective at redirecting both recoil & muzzle blast. I bought it with the intention of using it on my x95 tavor. A couple mags next to the wall at an indoor range was enough. The concussion coming off that thing inches from my head rattled my brain. I moved it over to an AR with a 16" barrel and it's staying there. It does nothing to reduce flash, it's loud as hell, but it does a good job keeping the muzzle where I want it to be.

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I have one on an MCX pistol 11" barrel. I love it

Its loud AF, especially indoors.

awesome recoil reduction.

flash is def reduced, and it blocks the flash from the top too which is cool.

blowback from the side is obnoxious, and it will throw dust everywhere in the "walls" of the indoor ranges. hold your breath and warn others before you shoot lol

I have a battlecomp too on an AR, I like that too, but this one I feel like reduces recoil better.. but an mcx pistol and 16" AR are not the same so I cant say for sure..
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