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Update: Aluminum grip modules, p365

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So I just had to know how the Mischief Machines Omega module compared to the Icarus Precision p365xl hybrid module. I. Just. Had. To. Know.

To my surprise, these two are VERY different. I would take either one over the stock oem grip… that module was a no go to me. The Icarus made the gun useable. The Mischief Machine omega makes the p365 a totally different gun. It’s like the Mischief module turns it magically into a p320. Feels thicker than the Hellcat in hand.

I will say that the Mischief Machine Omega makes the p365 grip almost too thick for my hands. I have to install the special thin grip panels to make it comfortable. That’s right. The oem is too thin, the Icarus is only a bit thicker than oem and the omega with standard grip panels is too thick. The goldielocks module for me is Mischief Machine Omega with thin grip panels. So that’s what I’m sticking with.

Positives for Icarus: the grip is still thin and easily concealed while addressing certain specific thin areas that made the oem grip uncomfortable to shoot (it would shift in my hand). It didn’t shift as much with the Icarus.

Positives for MM Omega: the grip panel texture is awesome. It’s just aggressive enough to stick to your hand and the panels are different colors and designs. The gun does not move in the hand at all. Also, for some reason, the aluminum is not cold like the Icarus is. I don’t know what kind of coating in on the omega but I love it. I had to put Talon grip tape on the Icarus in the winter… for grip and to address the ice cold metal temp.

So if you find that the p365 grip is painfully thin and your trigger finger is wrapping all the way under/around AND metal is your thing, just go with the Omega if you have the money. That grip, with the standard panels, is straight up huge. It’s made for big hands and changes the p365 into a different gun.

If you don’t want to change the p365 into a different gun and it’s thin grip is only annoying you but is still workable (ie you can deal with it but it kinda sucks) AND metal is your thing, try the Icarus. I couldn’t make the omega to be as thin as the Icarus with any combo of grip panels. It is what it is.

As for me, I’m keeping both, lol. I took the Omega one to the range and the guys lost their minds when they held it. They couldn’t believe it was a p365.

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The Omega is also heavier and feels less boxy than the Icarus. I realized today that it reminds me of my old CZ Rami. This one is less chunky than the CZ but it definitely gives me that same vibe.

All of my magguts mags fit fine. As for holsters, I’m sure I could heat my existing Icarus holsters to mold them to the Omega (the frame is ‘taller’ than the Icarus and the rail is different) but I’m lazy so I bought a special shapeshifter concealment for it.

This concludes my review!

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So somebody in my household ‘decided’ that I wasted money on a new holster and repurposed my spare Tier1Concealed. I was kinda ****** at first but… I will admit, he did alright. It’s amazing what a $15 heat gun can do in 2 minutes at the kitchen countertop:

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