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Tops ALRT Fixed Blade EDC

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The Tops A.L.R.T (Anywhere Last Resort Tool) is a real little big knife, small enough to go anywhere and big enough to get the job done. It's designed as a neck knife but has so many other possibilities as a last ditch cutter, self defense blade, or get off me knife.

I added a skull bead, yeah it looks cool, but it's practical because it makes the knife longer by allowing some grip with the bottom of my fist, it also allows me to pull it from the sheath. The loop on the sheath has two purposes, it allows me to wear it on my belt in a dangle fashion, and if you pull it from the pocket it acts as a pull by grabbing it and pulling the skull it slides right out into the hand and is ready to go.

This blade fits the hand so well, even being so small. It seems unassuming which is great, but it is sharp as a razor. This thing is a bulldog!

Made of 1095 steel it's tough too and should be easy to sharpen. The black traction coating should help protect from the elements.

The ALRT would work great on a keychain and it would always be handy that way.

About as long as a lighter and much thinner. [sub]about 1/4 as thick[/sub]

Hanging by my belt with paracord. It should barely hang out from underneath my cover shirt but I doubt anyone will know what it is.

I would love to have a horizontal leather sheath to ride really low profile like this, crossdraw style or even on my right side above my front pocket.

In sheath - 4"
Knife OAL- 3 5/8"
Width- 1"
Thickness- 3/16"

Blade Length: 1 1/2"

Additional thoughts:

If you live in a blade restricted state, you aren't going to get much better than 1 1/2" blade, the OAL is good for the same reasons. The hole allows you to put a finger through for an alternative grip.

Tops actually did well with the sheath on this one. It would be nice to have a clip but on this on I wouldn't use it on the smaller ALRT anyway.

It also comes with a heavy beaded chain, Tops whistle, and a keychain light.

Changes to make it a better EDC blade:

Tops ALRT-

Well a few things changed on my Tops ALRT, first I sent my blade to a friend of mine to get a custom kydex sheath made for it. I sent him the knife and a Spyderco G Clip (1 1/2") to attach it to. Second I added a larger bead to add a more substantial and flexible handhold which gives me something to pull it from the sheath.

Custom Carry Concepts sheath with a Spyderco G Clip-

It turned out fantastic just like I hoped! I don't even know it's on my belt and I can wear it all day anywhere, and always have a blade handy. I have worn it for about a week and lay down, squatted, ridden my motorcycle, etc and it never binds. Retention is great and it *snaps* in just like you would hope and comes out with a little tug right into my hand.
[BTW- the sheath can be turned left/right/up/down and I think angled on the clip depending on desired draw. That's the beauty of the G Clip]

I also decided to tie some knotwork on the XL version while I was at it. The XL fits the whole hand which is nice, but it's not as easy to conceal as it's little brother. Still stout at 3/16" and low profile enough to drop in a pocket or bag as a backup or even primary fixed blade


You can really see the difference here, I wouldn't trade either of them but they both obviously fill different roles, yet both ar sharp as a razor and very capable.

ALRT & ALRT XL comparison-

Here's the larger bead I added, the other one was much smaller. It isn't especially necessary and a regular Diamond Knot would have worked fine, but this extra does seem to inspire more confidence on such a small fixed blade.

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