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Took 10mm P220 Hunter to range today.

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Last week I purchased a P220 Elite Hunter in 10mm. First trip to range today. First box of ammo was 180 grain PPU JHP. Accurate right out of the box. No problem ringing a small steel plate at 20 yards or so. No failures of any kind. Recoil was not as much as I thought it might be but it is a heavy pistol. Next box was Sig Sauer 180 grain FMJ. That ammo has a bit more steam behind it but was still quite manageable but the faster FPS and ft-lbs of energy was noticeable in the recoil. Really liking this pistol and the 10mm cartridge. Looking forward to doing a bit of longer range shooting once I get it broke in and the sights adjusted a bit.
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Most loads "out there" are 10mm in cartridge dimensions only.
Most loads are loaded to approximately .40S&W velocities.

SIG's Elite Performance 180 gr FMJ 10mm is a great practice round. It is within 50 fps of Underwood's same load so it is pretty warm and it has been very accurate in all my 10mm pistols.

If you want to feel some punch of recoil, look into some of Underwood's self-defense and hunting loads. If you have G10 Piranhas or VZ Grips Operator II grips (depending on the gun), they can start to "sting" a little after a while of shooting true 10mm loads. :D
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