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To the range with new 320m17

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It's fun taking a new gun to the range to shoot for the first time. But I decided to add to the fun and bring a chronograph. The new pistol ran everything without any malfunctions. I didn't run any Tula in my bran new gun yet. In a cold barrel I ran 10 rounds of W-W 115gr = 1236fps. 84 es 25.63 sd. Next W-W 147gr =959fps 32.90 es 9.32 sd. This load is accurate in all my 9mm pistols and the most accurate in my PCC. M-1153 982fps 40.39 es 13.85 sd. M-1152 1281fps 40.42 es 14.76 sd. I ran 10 more W-W 115gr @ 1248fps 39.07 es 12.64 sd. The Warm barrel did better. Then 10 more M-1152 @ again 1281fps. With a 4.7" barrel it's expected to have a bit more velocity with some loads than my Glock 19s but not the W-W 147gr.
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