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Time for me to build a light blue pistol

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Yeah, me too.
I've done 25 of my 39 radiation treatments to beat prostate cancer.

I'm going to build a light blue pistol because light blue is the color for the ribbon, only I don't wear ribbons.

It could be worse. Light blue ain't bad.

Any ideas?
I'm liking that little Kimber Bel Air.
Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Air gun Electric blue

Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Air gun Machine
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That's great news oldrider!
Congratulations. With the odds being what they are, I knew there would be some other guys that had gone through this.

I have three sons and my diagnosis raised their odds too.
I'm going to be on em like ugly to get their testing done every year.....hell, even if it takes giving them each a blue pistol. 馃挋

Hoping for your cure too.
I think a blue gun is classy.

Just a side note, the radiation will eventually sap your strength for a while. At first, it seems like no big deal. But slowly the fatigue starts to build. The fatigue will continue to build until about a month AFTER the treatments are done.

Yes, you will get through it, be sure to be kind to yourself. On the one hand, push yourself, but pay attention to your energy levels and remember that you can run the tank dry really easy. Getting the tank "refilled" is a slow, hard process.

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You are spot on. I'm sleeping about 10 hrs a night now and it's beginning to take it's toll. I'm catching a 4 day break over the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm really thankful for that breather.
Thanks for the heads up, plans for the triathlon are going back up on the shelf....for a while.
Naps....naps are a wonderful thing.

Keep your protein intake up. Boost, Ensure, I like the Fairlife chocolate the best. Mix a little ice cream in if it helps.

Diagnosed with Stage IIIa non- small cell Lung Cancer back in Oct 2013. (Never smoked). Lung surgery, followed by concurrent chemo and radiation for 5 weeks, ( over Thanksgiving and Christmas). Cancer spread again the following six months to stage IV. They figured I had about 2 years.

Been on all kinds of meds, surgeries, a few hospital stays and getting immunotherapy infusion every 3 weeks for the past 4+ years. Still alive due to God's grace.... current immunotherapy wasn't supposed to work, it was a Hail Mary infusion #89 last week.

You've got to be careful about burning too much energy and running your gas tank's absolutely NO fun. You'd think I'd learn 馃榿.....we have a small ranch and I get involved in some project and still try to push through it..... recovery from the empty tank is brutal.
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