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Time for me to build a light blue pistol

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Yeah, me too.
I've done 25 of my 39 radiation treatments to beat prostate cancer.

I'm going to build a light blue pistol because light blue is the color for the ribbon, only I don't wear ribbons.

It could be worse. Light blue ain't bad.

Any ideas?
I'm liking that little Kimber Bel Air.
Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Air gun Electric blue

Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Air gun Machine
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I didn't know there was a ribbon for this. But it's good that you caught it early. Caught mine early, too, had the IMRT back in the summer of '18. Had opted for the proton beam therapy, but MD Anderson was leery of using it because I have a pacemaker. I was 71 when I my PSA jumped up. The biopsy confirmed it. VA presumes it to be connected to Agent Orange exposure in 'Nam. Good advice for everyone to get regular checkups.
Actually there is a ribbon for PC, blue, all the 'Doc's' display them in the IMRT wing. I was diagnosed in 2013 and chose IMRT wisely. See ur DFC avatar. My Dana Farber Oncologist scheduled a meet with my new IMRT doctor, she said I think you're really going to like him. My new doctor walked him and I immediately noticed he was Vietnamese. He shook my hand profusely and said "I'm here because of the bravery of your Helicopter crews. My mother and her sister, then ages 12 and 10 stepped on a landmine and were critically injured. A helicopter swooped in to pick then up and take them to the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon and I'm here today because of you". I had a hard time reaching for words I was so stunned. Eight years cancer free.
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