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Then we will fight in the shade

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Yes I got my sig out of layaway today.

It is a used sig 1911 Spartan. It was in the used gun case for 700 bucks. Came with case and accessories. Even has an extra set of grips, gray metal slim tactical half checkered.

Upon getting it home and disassembled for cleaning, I found the gun is new and has not been fired :D. Born on date is August 2016.

If I could get photo bucket to work on my iPad I would post a photo.

This is the eleventh sig I own. Yes I have the signess.

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Actual quote according to history.

Even as a movie quote, it is great.

300 Spartans, 1000 theabins(? Spelling another Greek city state) fighting 60000 Persians minimum(as high 100k) in a 60 foot wide pass. Good history read.

As for the gun, color and writing reflects an attitude when facing adversity to not surrender meekly. A sentiment that transcends the ages.

Now just to find time to shoot 500 rounds.
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