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"Temporary" IWB holster for M11-A1 with RXP slide during wait for VW2

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Yes, another holster question. I've just ordered the MS VM2 for my M11-A1 with an RXP slide. I'm looking for a holster to use while I wait - ideally that is good for 3-4 o'clock. I've been carrying a P365 or P320 full size AIWB but I'm leaning towards (a) using my new M11-A1 for AIWB, and/or (b) moving away from appendix altogether. So anything that works for that transition, with the Romeo1Pro (and suppressor height sights), would be ideal. I'm fine with kydex and I've purchased a few of them from CrossBreed, Osborn, GearCraft and Reign Tactical, but it wasn't immediately clear to me that they make for no-rail M11-A1, especially with the RXP slide and suppressor sights. And I'm open to others.

Thanks in advance!
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Sorry, no suggestions. But the VMII will be worth the wait.
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I decided to go with the Vedder LightTuck - 15% off today for Father’s Day
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