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Technology; The Dangers of Complacency

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I've seen a few posts recently asking about damaged or faulty ammunition, and it got me to thinking...have we become too dependent on technology? Have we become so dependent and expectant of perfection that we have gotten away from being able to handle mishaps and malfunctions?

I'm reminded of the scene in Top Gun where they're in the classroom going over the point of the TG Academy, which was dogfighting. During Vietnam the success rate went down due to the lack of adequate training. This was due in large part to the fact that perceived advantages of technology caused the mindset to get too lazy...dependent on technology, even to the point that the F-4 Phantom was not equipped with a gun. The ideology was that the close in dogfight was a thing of the past, and as a result our pilots didn't know what to do when an enemy Mig made it past their defenses.

Today most of us get really sideways if a gun has even a hint of a malfunction, myself included. Granted, of course, you want a reliable gun, but it seems to me the art of clearing jams and overcoming adversity is now a thing of the past. Shooters today are not properly trained with the combat mindset, and, as the result, are often lulled into the false sense of security that the gun and ammunition is supposed to be perfect. Well, the truth is NOTHING is perfect. Snowflakes have no idea what to do when someone tells them no, or they don't get a trophy, and many shooters are the same way. A gun jams, and they look like a statue sculpted to perfection with this dumbfounded expression as if to say "WHAT NOW"...instead of quickly recognizing what the problem is, clearing it and moving on, they freeze paralyzed by mush mind.

Have we become too complacent? What will we do if we are confronted with a salty bad guy who is only too willing to take our gun and beat our brains out when we freeze due to malfunction? Thoughts?
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Im not sure if it's complacency or ignorance. Either one, with firearms, a lot of people think training is shooting bullseyes on paper or shooting steel. Most of us here know training goes so much deeper than that....including learning how to deal with malfunctions,low light,disabled shooting or defending yourself while injured...etc, the list goes on.
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