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Suggestions for CETME smithy? What happened to IGF?

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Hi, all.

I've got a Century CETME that needs a knowledgeable smithy's eye to help me troubleshoot an issue I've encountered with the trigger group. A decade or so ago I had Jayson Cotter at Investment Grade Firearms repress the barrel to resolve the zero bolt gap issue and work some other magic on this rifle, so I thought I'd check his site to see if he could help me with this new issue. But when I go to his site I get those malware notification/landing pages announcing that IGF's site is a known malware attacker. I've tried using Chrome, Firefox, and IE on my PC, as well as Chrome on my smartphone, yet all four browsers warn me away from Jayson's site. Is IGF even around any more?

Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good CETME/HK smithy?

Thanks in advance!

~ Greg ~
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A suggestion, maybe contact PTR Industries, and see if they have know of any smiths in your area that have knowledge of that platform.
I would be extremely surprised to find anyone conveniently located in my area who works on these sorta of guns. Hell, I can't even find a good 1911 smithy in my area. So, pretty sure shipping will be involved somewhere. :)

Have you checked the amazing internet for an answer to your problem?
Indeed! When that didn't lead to an answer, I opted to use my internet skills to reach out to other gun nuts on the internet to see if some internet-based collaboration might lead to an internet-based resolution! :)
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