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Subsonic 5.56 ammo in a SIG 516 (adverse setting)

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Will a SIG 516 cycle subsonic 5.56 ammo on adverse setting? Is the port big enough? Is the buffer light enough? Is the spring floppy enough? Has anyone tested it? With what brands of ammo/buffer/buffer spring?

And please, don't tell me to buy a 300 BLK upper... I know that subsonic 5.56 has .22-ish performance, but I'd like to have that option :p.

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I believe the buffer is an H2. I would think it will cycle fine. I remember reading where in the early days of the 516, 55gr 223 wouldnt cycle, and Sig told them to put on adverse. Not recommended for long time shooting, but it worked. Then, they fixed that cycling issue over time.

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I highly doubt it will cycle. The miniscule pressure used to keep those light bullets at sub-sonic speed would be hard pressed to move the action even on adverse. I've seen some testing done with a suppressed DI gun and it was strictly a single shot even after opening up the port a good bit and taking the weights out of the buffer.
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