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So a few weeks ago I installed the armory craft flat trigger in my P226SSE and my P227. I like them a lot. What I learned is that I really like the adjustable over travel. I never thought of my sigs as having much over travel until I could adjust/reduce it. The pretravel elimination was the reason I bought the armorycraft and I like it but I also like to try new things so I ordered a Suarez.

I wasn't sure which gun to install it in, so I pulled out my M11A1 and dropped the in the Suarez trigger but it is slightly longer than the stock trigger and the bottom of the trigger was binding against the bottom of the trigger guard. I never expected it to be purely a drop in part but before modifying the trigger I figured I would try another gun. I reinstalled the standard Sig trigger in my M11A1. I pulled out a P226 and noticed that there was slightly more clearance between the trigger and trigger guard, so I gave that a try and it was perfect. I really like the feel of the trigger-the trigger face is more rounded than the factory trigger. The biggest surprise to me is that it significantly reduced the DA take up-its almost completely eliminated.

Has anyone had clearance issues with a Suarez trigger? I've heard people say that they needed to do slight fitting on this trigger but I couldn't find any specifics so I'd like to hear thoughts. Also, has anyone done a comparison of the Suarez to the Gray Guns?

Edit-the picture is the trigger installed in a P226. I didnt take a picture of the Suarez trigger hitting the trigger guard of my M11A1.


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