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Starting to get acclimated to the DA/SA....

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Took the new 9mm Range Officer to the range this morning along with a 45acp Loaded and 9mm P226 TacOps.

This is my fourth session with the P226. Making progress with it....that DA first pull is taking some getting used to but I'm getting there. The SA SRT has me spoiled and griping about 1911 triggers all the sudden. Never saw that coming.

Looks like 7 yds was the popular distance today.

I opened up with five magazines (four 20-rounders + one 18-rounder) from the TacOps. The first shot from each magazine was fired DA and each aimed at the lower left corner of the target at the "5". I aimed carefully on these and focused on firm hold and smooth double action trigger pull.....then let the front sight come up on the black dot (different one for each magazine) and let it ride quickly.

DA first pulls from each magazine

I simply can't seem to help myself with this gun. It's hard to slow my rate of fire. It simply settles on target automatically and the short trigger reset is ready to go. I struggle to shoot it slowly.

I'm making some progress with the DA first shot. It's certainly something that's taken some getting used to.

Another magazine from the TacOps... first DA shot was the left flyer.

Two magazines from the TacOps....can you spot the DA first shots from each magazine, lol ?

Two more DA/SA mags from TacOps...

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Moved on to the 9mm Range Officer.

The magazines actually held their full capacity to 9 rounds. Cool.

20 rounds from the Range Officer.

Had one jam occur during the 100 rounds I fired through the Range Officer. It happened on that first target....second round feed issue.

Pulled the magazine and saw this. I quit loading the mags to 9 rounds and backed off to 8 and had no further issues. This was the first time they'd been used....didn't think to load them last night and let them sit.

My best Range Officer results were here....three 8+1 magazines.

The 9mm Range Officer shows real promise. I was shooting some budget 115gr range fodder....same as I used in my TacOps. The white paint I put on the front sight was crucial. Worked out really well. I'm really looking forward to getting a Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight on there and I think I'll be happy.

The trigger.....well, I'm going to be nice here and say that it simply first. Sucked. It brakes cleanly with minimal take-up and no creep.....clean break at a decent weight. All good, right ? The suck factor comes after the shot during the travel forward to reset. It's gritty as a dry dirt road in a sandstorm. So gritty in fact that I on several occasions I pulled the trigger for the next shot and......nothing happened. The trigger had not reset in these instances...only felt like it did. I adjusted and simply quit trying to cheat it and let the trigger go all the way forward until my finger pad came off....then shot again.

The gritty reset did improve a bit during the session leading me to think that maybe it was just that.....grit...debris or something that needs to be flushed out. I'll give it look tomorrow when I clean the TacOps and Loaded pistols.....they both have 500 rounds of dirty range ammo build up and are due. The Range Officer will get an early cleaning...I'm hoping to see what's under the hood as far as that trigger goes.

This was my first time firing a 1911 in 9mm and I've got to say that it was one of the most soft shooting centerfire pistols I've ever shot. Like the screamed to be turned loose and fired fast. My tempo with both guns was good...just need to slow the rate down some.

I hope to make some enhancements to it by next weekend's range sessions. Even with the trigger issues & budget ammo the gun showed great promise and is likely going to become a favorite of mine.

I don't know why I waited so long to add a 9mm 1911 target gun. I'd been eyeballing the new Colt Competition offerings but they were selling at a premium and I picked up this RO brand new for under $700.

I shot the .45acp Loaded last. The gun ran perfect as the Wilson ETM's did their job. This is becoming a trusted carry gun. The VZ OperatorII's really are to my liking during range gun movement in hand.....might as well be superglued to my hand. I won't lie, though, they force you to wear an undershirt if you carry IWB....force it.

The sights Trijicon night sights on the Loaded aren't the most friendly a this indoor range...not near as friendly as those target sights on the Range Officer....but they get the job done.

Here's the one I wound it down with. 24+3 with the Loaded.

After gathering up my gear, I did run one more magazine through today's carry gun.....the G19 that was riding at 2:30 in a Garrett Silent Thunder.

Very grateful for the time to go shoot and the freedom to do so.
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