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Now, here's an interesting story. We've been known to scour The Googles for international news on Sig Sauer when the local news front is weak. Today we found this tidbit nestled in a write-up about India's Central Reserve Police Force...

Apparently the Ministry of Defence of India is conducting some lengthy tests for marksman rifles among is various branches. Included among these are test for a new sniper rifle contract for use in the Indian Army Special Forces battalions, a contingent of around 6,500 personnel. So far the competition has been narrowed down to the Finnish
SAKO TRG-22/24, the Galil 7.62x54mm sniper model, and the SIG SSG 3000 (pictured above), which is currently manufactured right here in the United States. The Special Forces would join the Indian National Security Guard in carrying this rifle, if Sig Sauer manages to rope the contract.

Speaking of which, it seems that Sig Sauer is getting a leg up: according to the article, the Ministry of Defence has granted at least one waiver, and another is pending. These waivers dismiss the SSG 3000 from being tested at extreme ranges and in night conditions, presumably because it has already passed these tests in its contract bid for the National Security Guard.

If they can nab it, the contract is reportedly worth $10-12 million.
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