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SRD762-QD Silencer muzzle brakes questions

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I just purchased the suppressor/silencer for my 300Blk. It comes with the mini muzzle break. I prefer the design of the flash hider that they make, so I will get one for the 300Blk.. But, I want to attach/use this suppressor on my 516 also.
Which flash hider do I need to use on my 516? I know the thread pitch is different, but is the suppressor different too, on the adapters?
Here is a link to some, I think the last one is the one I need to attach the 762 suppressor to my 516.
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If the suppressor has a .30 caliber bore, you should be able to use it on the 516.
The 516 uses 1/2"x28 tpi, so I guess you would want the "SRD-762-12x28-F" for it, if you had the .22 caliber bore sized suppressor (SRD556-QD) you would need the "SRD-556-12x28-F" flash suppressor. As you notice there isn't a muzzle adapter of any kind to attach the "SRD556-QD" to any .30 bore diameters, that use the 5/8"x24tpi muzzle threads, that's to prevent someone from trying to "Launch", or "Destroy" their somewhat expensive sound suppressor (Silencer)..
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