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Solid day at the Farm - Sig 516, Savage .308

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I swapped my Vortex Strike Fire II redot out for a strike eagle 1-6x on my 516 and took it out to the farm on Wednesday. Sweet little scope for the money, definitely not the best out there but good enough for what I do with it.

After I was done playing with the Sig516 I broke out my .308 Savage. we were posted up with steel targets at 375 and 700 yards. Had fun with the 10" plates at 375, the .308 was almost making them swing all the way around the target stand. Then we dialed in for 700. First shot was a wide right miss, so I held over for some wind and the next three shots were all but right on top of each other. I didn't have anything to measure but I would guess about a 3" group. Super impressed with this rig! 168g Hornady A-Max

Now that I set up a "portable" target stand we are going to go for 1,000 yards hopefully next week.

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I have the Savage PC10 .308 and really like it. Great little gun for the money.
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Can you tell us a little about your Savage .308? I am in the market and Savage is on my short list.


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Can you tell us a little about your Savage .308? I am in the market and Savage is on my short list.

It's the Savage 10 FCP-SR (silencer ready; threaded barrel)
I have the 20" barrel, it's heavy fluted barrel (also comes in 24")
It has a oversized "tactical" bolt knob
EGW 0 MOA scope rail
Accustock - (aluminum bedded, and plenty of clearance away from the barrel)
Accutrigger - (user adjustable)
Savage has their own 10 round box magazine that a lot of people don't like. it's hard to get seated firmly and 50% of the time it will pop out after your first shot unless you really ram it in there. i have this issues but it doesn't bother me that much. you can upgrade the bottom metal to one that accepts standard magazines for around $250
I paid $570ish shipped for it on

So far I've done:
Vortex HST 6-24x50 scope
Vortex Precision Match rings
Nightforce 20 MOA rail (upgraded over the EGW 0 MOA)
Harris bi-pod
silencerco muzzle brake (until my suppressor comes in)
a Accushot monopod
and a foxtactical stock pouch

All in i probably have $1500 in this rifle

it's definitely a sub-MOA rifle right out of the box. I couldn't be happier for the money, especially for a beginner like me into the "long range" world.
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