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Compared to the semi-auto MPX, this and the Raider are lighter, cheaper, more compact when folded, ostensibly just as reliable, uses proven magazines that are in wide circulation, roughly the same barrel length, and more onboard ammo using 2x 21rd or 2x 30rd P320 mags.

People keep telling me these chassis PDWs are gimmicks. I disagree, if I'm stuck without a happy switch, I'd rather have the Strike MCS or the Flux Raider than 5" MPX, MP5, Scorpion, B&T, Stribog, etc, for the reasons listed above. Add full auto to the equation then I'm a player for an MPX et al over the MCS/Raider.

To pontificate some more, a semi-auto full-receiver PDW/short PCC doesn't bring anything to the table other than more rail space and (most) everything reciprocating inside the firearm. Can't change how a Browning action works, but both Flux and Strike and the aftermarket are working on closing the rail space gap.

Oh, I reckon there's the "drip" as the kids call it. These two are balling on a budget, so they lose a lot of drip points compared to the ones that are actually made as submachine guns first and civilian semi-auto versions afterwords.
In my experience and that of many others, a fixed barrel will generally suppress more reliably than a tilting barrel. So for me it’s the APC 9/10 PRO and MCX. I score the “PCC” a distinct advantage in the category. Additionally I can bury the can in a hand guard and not worry about the suppressor temp.
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