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Slide Cap Help

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I'm reaching out to my Sig family please help lol I have the slide cap falling issue on my Gen2 P365. I've scoured the Internet and read some old posts on here. I know they redesigned it but was it the slide cap that was redesigned or the firing pin sleeve. Also where do I get those parts or which ones do I need?
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I know the striker sleeve was changed to have a little tab that’s moved to release the cap, but I’m not sure if the cap was looks like the whole striker is sold as an assembly.
OCG has parts in stock…
What changed to solve this was the slide itself. The tab on the striker sleeve can no longer be depressed without first rotating it into the striker channel. All you used to have to do was depress the tab with the striker safety depressed and the cap would come off.

If this is a problem that's recently only started happening it could be a spring that has weakened over time or perhaps some grit got into the striker channel and is binding it up.. if not though it was definitely the cut of the slide that changed to prevent this with the latest revision. It has nothing to do with the striker sleeve or the slide cap.

Might be worth cleaning the striker channel just to rule that out. Might be worth calling Sig about it and seeing if they offer any help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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