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My 9mm P365 has a #6 front sight and a #8 rear sight (XRay3) while my wife's .380 ACP P365 has a #8 front sight and a #8 rear sight (SigLite). Is the difference in the front sight because of the difference in caliber? If we wanted to replace her sights with XRay3 sights, would we purchase a #8 front sight? Also, what other sights should we consider in addition to the XRay3 sights?
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Mine came with 8 on the front but the rear stamp is too small to read. I did how ever replace the Siglites for the XRays in the 8&8 combination. Working out good for me.
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More info than you wanted but...

6.22" sight radius p226, p220
4.86" sight radius p365

Number_Front Sight Height____Rear Sight Height
#4_______N/A____________________5.24 mm / 0.210 in
#5_______6.01 mm / 0.235 in____5.52 mm / 0.220 in
#6_______5.88 mm / 0.230 in____5.80 mm / 0.230 in
#7_______5.74 mm / 0.225 in____6.07 mm / 0.240 in
#8_______5.60 mm / 0.220 in____6.35 mm / 0.250 in
#9_______5.46 mm / 0.215 in____6.62 mm / 0.260 in
#10______5.32 mm / 0.210 in____6.9 mm / 0.270 in

note: higher numbers on front and rear raises point of impact
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