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Sighting in my Henry BB

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Yesterday at my indoor range.

45LC Big Boy. Rear sight is Skinner -- receiver mount with a 3/4" Merit extender. Front sight is Lyman Globe using Lee Shaver inserts.

Here are results:

Both done at 25 yds, 45LC, 255 gr, copper plate FP

This first scan is 15 shots using the Lee Shaver with one of the small circle inserts. 2 1/4 group (Red target is 2" square)

The`next image was my last five shots using a slightly larger circle insert.

2.0" group (Red target is 5/8" inside a 1 5/8" circle)


I am quite happy with these results with eyes that are not young. Although better than they were two years ago, since I've had cataract surgery.

In the hands of a marksman, this gun would without question be considered a true tack-driver.

Next trip to the range, I am going to try the 3 middle inserts (lower row).
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Glad to hear and to see your results. Doing good with "old eyes" (ha). My second newest Henry BB will be here shortly. Went with a fancy one this time with it being the Silver Deluxe Engraved, also in .45 Colt. Put a Skinner Alaskan on my 1st, a .45-70 and will see what's what with this one. Congratulations again.
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