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SIG x-five entry and adjustable trigger

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Hello everybody, I use a 9mm Sig x-5 « entry » for many years and I’m very happy with it. I have upgraded it with an adjustable sight, a genuine magwell and G10 hogue grips. One month ago I have found a new Sig x-5 adjustable trigger (see pics) and found it was a good idea to improve the trigger pull weight (around 4,4 lbs with standard no adjustable trigger). My gunsmith has modified the locking insert to fit properly the new trigger but one problem remains with the pull weight, I can adjust it but only have 4,4 lbs for the lighter setting and 5,7 lbs for the higher, I was rather expected 2,2 lbs to 3,5 lbs so I’m very disappointed …
The other parts seems totally identical and I don’t find any explanation on the forum which is however particularly rich on sig gun ! If someone have an idea …
Many thanks.


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Hello, my gunsmith remove this small part under the insert block (see pic) and he told me the trigger pull weight has dropped by 1lbs after, I'm very surprised ... if SIG put this part here I think there is a good reason :) Do you know its function et someone could confirm this part is still necessary with the adjustable trigger ?

Many thanks again !


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I've had mine apart that far before, but I don't remember either way whether or not it had that part.
Well, I own a Supermatch with adjustable trigger and it does have that part. So I think it kinda belongs there.
Put it back.
welcome from az.
Thanks for your answer I bring my gun to an other gunsmith who wellknow the Sig x-5 and he put in back. The trigger was badly fitted by the first gunsmith and now it's ok with a trigger pull around 2,7 lbs.
As Speedwobble said, get it back in there. It sits just in front of the magwell in the frame. My P226 S/X-Five Competition has it as well.
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