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SIG Tango rifle scopes

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I've moved in the direction of scopes with reticles that light up, but are lower power such as a Tango6 1-6 and a Tango4 3-12. The Tango6 was made in Japan and the 4 was made in the Philippines. The 6 has "instant on" MOTAC, but the Tango4 has MOTAC that has to be bounced off the floor via the recoil pad to turn back on after it times out. Has anyone else run into this?

The SIG optics are well built as near as I can tell and have a great warranty on the glass, but the electronics are limited to 5 years of warranty. I don't want to use the warranty if the replacement will be the same.

One other point on the Tangg4: It really needs a 20 MOA scope mount. The free custom turret can be dialed manually for random distances that are not marked on the horseshoe reticle. However, without the 20 MOA mount, there would not be enough adjustment left for long shots.