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Sig TACOPS Carry

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I picked up my Sig TACOPS Carry today. It's new old stock with a DOM of April 2023.

The gun looks perfect - but when I tried to reassemble it after inspecting it, I ran into a problem: the plunger lever from the Series 80-style safety sits up too high and won’t let the slide move to the rear. No amount of pushing or prodding would get it low enough for the slide to fit. I ended up filing a small amount from the top of the plunger to get the slide to move all the way to the rear (still with a fair bit of force).

I put a couple of quick magazines though her and I had 3 FTF. I was using 230-gr ball ammo with Sig factory magazines. The rounds were all angled upward but they came out of the breech easily.

I’ll get to the range for a more thorough break in next week. Definitely not the flawless “out of the box” pistol all my other Sigs have been, but overall I like the fit, fitness, and feel!

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Wood stain

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory
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So just for fun, I field stripped my Sig Fastback Emperor Scorpion. It uses the same Series 80 safety as the TACOPS. Obviously, Sig learned a thing or two!

Here’s the plunger level in its channel on the Fastback. It’s completely recessed.

Kitchen appliance Kitchen stove Gas stove Stove Gas

And here’s the lever on the TACOPS…after I filed it done:

Hood Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

You can see how much prouder it sits even after filing. Clearly they made some changes between models!!
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Cool to see the evolution; glad you were keen enough to figure it out!

ETA: both of those 1911’s are good looking!
Are those 1911’s considered “Commander” length ? 4.25 inch barrels ?
Are those 1911’s considered “Commander” length ? 4.25 inch barrels ?
Yes, they both have the 4.25" barrel.
I found that this is often caused by the trigger being adjusted too far to the rear for take-up. (this is done with the little tabs on the front of the trigger bow.) You can check by ensuring the back of the trigger bow is forward of the mag channel where the disconnector rides. If you push on the back of the bow (ie, push the trigger forward) and the lever drops, there it is.

I've found that Sig triggers vary in length from the front of the bow to the back enough that some are worth "tuning" and others are best rejected. The solid triggers seem to be more consistent than the ones with the double diamond cuts through them.

I went the same route as OP before I figured it out but I don't like one off solutions. I adjusted the trigger take-up to ensure the lever was not under tension and bought an additional plunger lever $15!) to bring it back to stock after the trigger adjustment.

If this needs pictures, let me know.
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