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Sig support of the APP?

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I ordered a P320CA 9mm FDE, last June thru the APP/LE mil program, seems like nothing has been produced in that model for the last 9 months, at least not:confused: for the APP. Guessing Sig's been busy designing lots of new models, but what's happened to their production line? About the only P320 available in FDE is the compact. Any insiders have the answer? thanks
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Finally answered my own question, when I picked up my new P320 CA 9 FDE at my FFL yesterday. Did a field strip and cleaning this AM, ready to shoot. Only thing I noticed, the Takedown lever is very stiff in operation. Quantico Tactical was a great seller, wish Sig would
keep production information flowing to their dealers. Guess they have had a lot on their minds the past yr.
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