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Sig simunition reverse conversion

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Hello, attempted to search my topic but found nothing on it. The simunition kits drop right into factory guns by swapping out barrel & extractor. My question is about the light blue/cyan framed Sig Sauer pistols that are set-up for force-on-force/simunition rounds, they have steel slides and aluminum frames. Can you put in the appropriate centerfire barrel and extractor to have a functional firearm?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this question has already been covered.
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My best "guess" would be "possible" from example I found that appears to be a P226R, with what appears to be a correct Sig Serial Number. My experience with simunitions was in mid 90s, with 9mm conversions. I think I would call Sig CS, and inquire as to the possible serviceability, before attempting a "reverse" conversion, as the simunitions don't put as much of a "load" on the frame as a centerfire cartridge.


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According to Sig, these cannot be converted to 9mm. The CS rep told me that the frames were made differently for the factory blue guns.

Without detail stripping it, I couldn't see a big difference, the slide does appear to be milled out though.
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