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:thanks:Now if they would come out with a version for the P225A1...:thumbsu:

EDIT:Since it's doubtful Sig will ever publish a Parts Breakdown, I've did some "comparisons" with other models.

With the exception of the following parts, the 9mm P239 appears to be the prime donor to this model.

Hammer... P220/P224/P225/P226/P227/P228/P229/P245 DA/SA
Hammer Pivot Pin... Same as above
Hammer Reset Spring... Same as above
Hammer Stop... Same as above
Hammer Strut... E2 Long Strut
Mainspring... Late model with Plastic Seat
Mainspring Seat... E2 Short Seat

Magazine Catch Assembly... unique to the P225A1
Grip Screws... Same size and pitch as P226/P228/P229/P239 but longer thread

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Doesn鈥檛 show all parts. Stirrup pin and reset spring missing form hammer area alone. Haven鈥檛 looked at all parts

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From looking at all the parts, what parts are expected to wear out first? Is there any particular parts to keep spares on hand? Thanks.

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they only show the dak hammer strut spring in the 226 parts picker??
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