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Sig Sauer 1911 Tacops 10mm Review

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Hi, been a while since I've posted anything.
But I had to post something about my newest acquisition; Sig's new 1911 Tacops in 10mm. And just to add to GoneBallisticinAlabama's 11 page thread, here is mine.

Why 10mm ? I have been asked that from 5 different people so far, so I'll tell the back story.
Back in 1990, just before I Joined the US Army, I purchased my first handgun, a STAR- Megastar 10mm Auto.
Firearm Gun Trigger Starting pistol Airsoft gun

This thing was a BEAST! Over 50 oz. loaded, solid stainless steel. Their Ad said "built to last", It should have said 'too over-built to hold on target'. It's Mag was a double-stack 14 round'r and the trigger travel was just shy of a mile :).
So nothing to brag about...But I loved the Cartridge! At that time, all I could find for it was CCI Blazers (Al case) and they were HOT! I remember shooting all sorts of stuff and amazed by the power of the 10mm. Eventually though, I traded it at a gun show. And have been wanting another 10mm ever since.

When I saw that SIG was making 1911s, I wanted one. Then I saw they made one in 10mm... WHAT!!! :eek::eek:
Well 27 years later, I finally got a 10mm.
Gun Firearm Trigger Photography Black-and-white

This is my 3rd SIG pistol (P229 older 'made in Germany' frame and a 226 Legion). I only own one 1911 but its a S&W carry '1911ES' which is a small scadium frame. It's a great carry gun, but not a 'real' 1911, meaning not full size 5" bbl all steel, and I've always wanted one. And wanted the SIG and wanted a 10mm, So I killed 2 birds... and all that...

On to the review.
The Tacops shipped with 4 magazines, and the other usual stuff (lock, owner's manual, Lucas oil sample) in a blow-mold case.
Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Everyday carry

Fit and finish was very nice. The Nitron finish is just beautiful, perfectly even deep, semi-flat black across the entire frame and slide. Sights are a glossy black oxide finish which looks a little off and stands out more from the rest of the pistol more than I'd like.

**WARNING**: This pistol has NO melt and blend treatment. ALL edges are clean and sharp. Almost too sharp. The 25 lines/inch checkering on the front strap is very sharp, the edges on the front of the magwell opening, the thumb safety traction cuts and the slide's cocking serrations will slice you up .. no, It's not that bad, but they are aggressive. If you have 'office hands' you may need gloves just to hold it..:p.

Mag release is extended a little with good jimping. Grips are Ergo (plastic) with a very nice aggressive patern/texture. I believe that even if your hands were slather'd in axle grease, this pistol will still not slip from your grip.

A note about the grips: Trying to remove them resulted in turning out the grip bushing on one screw. I've heard of this being an issue, so i wasn't surprised. The fix: clean the bushing and frame threads with acetone or electrical contact cleaner on a Q-tip, blast again with contact cleaner, blow off with canned air, apply medium strength loctite or Rockset, screw the grip and bushing back into the frame more than hand tight, but do not torque it. Let it cure (1 hour or so) then hit the grip screw again with a really quick turn of a hex driver and it should break free from the bushing.

Anyway..Slide was tighter than i was expecting..smooth as glass, but no play at all. This concerned me a little because i figured it would be very picky about mags and ammo choices at first but I'm sure it will loosen up after a couple hundred rounds. Barrel to bushing contact was very solid though.

One issue I have is the thumb safety, it is very difficult to flip on and off. I took it apart and stoned and polished the contact points and it made no difference at all :mad: Maybe I'll try a lighter plunger spring.

Another is the trigger take up. It has a lot. Fortunately it has adjustment tabs on the front of the bow and, well... its no longer an issue now ;). Oh. and while i was in there, i noticed the sear, hammer hooks and disconnector contact points were all polished. And the frame interior was very clean, smooth and free of any tool marks and burs. Good job Sig, Very nice.

Trigger pull was somewhat smooth, however, has some creep and breaks about 5 lbs (guess). Its a series 80 design, so some trigger smoothness is compromised by the linkage. But its fine with me, after all Its a 'Tactical' pistol :rolleyes:. I do wish that SIG would link the series 80 mechanics to the grip safety and not the trigger like S&W does.

The slide catch has a nice little extension (nub) on it towards the grip that helps you engage it without shifting your grip too much.
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The barrel is VERY nice. It appears to be a 'Match' barrel. The chamber has a polished feed ramp and decent case support and a slight flare at the muzzle for the bushing.

And the muzzle appears to be target crowned.

The chamber is not as tight as my Wilson case gauge, but that's good because I can't fully chamber my polymer coated reloads in the case gauge :p but they 'plunk' right into the Tacops' chamber.

Comes with standard GI short recoil guide rod (strangely its a 2 peice :confused:) and a flat-wire spring of unknown weight.

It also comes with a flared Magwell extension that dovetails into the Mainspring housing with a hex-head screw to secure it.
Silver Metal Fashion accessory

This was slightly loose on my pistol, but a little loctite and a little torque fixed it right up.
Oh, and the Mainspring housing is steel. In fact, other that the grips and the trigger, the ENTIRE pistol is stainless steel (or at least steel). Slide , Frame, Controls, Barrel, screws, guide rod...etc. It weighs in at 41 oz unloaded.
And Tritium night sights come standard on the Tacops.

BUT!! All this means little until you hit the range. And the one word for that would be WOW!
Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Airsoft gun

This thing is a joy to shoot. :D
I fed it 50 rounds of SIG's 180g FMJ (chrony'd @ 1175 fps)
100 handloaded 180gr coated (target load chrony'd @ 1158 fps)
20 handloaded 150gr SEIRRA Power Jacket (didn't measure vel)
10 handloaded 155gr XTP (full pwr load chrony'd @ 1314 fps)
50 handloaded 165gr Rainier plated (didn't measure vel)
Most were AA#9 charges except the Seirra's. Those were HP38.
The SEIRRA's were the winner at 25 yards. 2" 5-shot group from a rest (and tired eyes.)

I had zero malfunctions, and I used all 4 Mags. It gobbled up everything I had. The 45ACP Tacops had many negative reviews about the included magazines. I dont know who makes these, but they worked swell for me. Maybe the 10mm mags are different, or these people just wanted an excuse to buy some Wilson Mags. I dont know, but mine are fine.

External extractor...What? How's the ejection, you ask? Ohh, The Damn ejection...Well it was at 4 O'clock into the next ZIP code!:eek: Holy *&^% this thing launches a bee line of brass directly right rear. It doesn't just lob it into the air, it actually shoots brass so far away i lost the first couple of Mags of brass. We finally had to build a kind of Tarp lean-to to catch it. Not pleased with that at all :mad:. But if this is a your 'Work' gun, it's great..just before you shoot, warn everyone to your right to 'STAND CLEAR OF THE EJECTION LANE!":D
Recoil was less snappy than 230gr 45ACP and, IMHO had less felt recoil and less muzzle flip (torque) :)
We also shot at AR500 8" and 6" Dongs. Now we've shot these with everything from 9mm to 45ACP to 40S&W, 357SIG and even 357 MAG leveraction rifle, and we have never seen the 6" dong wrap around the frame, until now :eek:. Even the 8" dong was flailing wildly every time that 180 grain 10mm slug hit it. Everyone was impressed at the authority this cartridge hit with. Also, as a comparison, I fired four 357 Mag Federal 158gr from a Colt Trooper MKIII (6' bbl) over the chrony and then four 155 gr 10mm. The 357 Mag Avg was 1298 fps, the 10mm avg was 1314! So go suck-it, Desert Eagle..This is MY 357 Mag Auto Pistol :p.

Well I'm VERY happy with the performance of SIG's 1911 Tacops 10mm. The ejection issue is not a friend of the reloader, but in every other way this Pistol is the 'shiz nit'. Very accurate, functions flawlessly, great barrel, Looks great, has many nice extras, 4 Mags, and for $1002 out the door... no buyers remorse here. This is the first and only review I've ever written on any gun I own, so that should tell you how impressed I am with this great firearm.

Thanks for reading .
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Shooter Magavin, Thank you for the excellent review and write up. Was a pleasure to read and the pictures in the right spots to match the text ... great idea.

Now, after reading this I can tell you that you have NOT helped squelch the itch to acquire one of these fine 10mms.

Thank you very much for sharing !

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Thanks Tim,
And yes.. that's my plan, Cause divorces and eventual poverty by dangling this nice weapon in front of people who have already spent too much money on guns so that they have no choice but to succumb to the urges of spending more money on guns MMHHAAA:lolu:

JK :p

Well played !!!!

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Great Writeup.

Only problem is that the variety of ammo for that caliber in my area is kind of scarce.

STAR makes some very impressive and satisfactory firearms. I had one of the initial sale of the STAR PD (.45 acp) which was a real nice pistol. A bit of a handful to shoot, but great reliability.

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Thanks Robert and USMC..:)

10mm is lacking in options around my parts too, but I was reloading for 40 and 357SIG so I had the powders, bullets, dies & most of the tooling already for 10mm. So it was an easy choice for me. However, Its the only Large Primer cartridge I am reloading for so swapping that part sucks.

I know its probably because its my newest, but this 1911 is quickly becoming, by far, my overall favorite 'gun' to shoot.

Going out today to chrony some new loads :D
One load should yield 800+ ft/lbs at the muzzle :eek: We'll see.. I hope I didn't load them too hot...

Oh.. and my new Larry Davidson Horned lizard grips should be in the mail today too. The Ergos are nice, but are a little thin. I hope the standard thickness will feel beter. I'll post Pics later

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500 round update

So Iv'e been putting some really hot loads through this 1911, 500+ rounds so far. Not a single malfunction yet. I have been using all 4 factory magazines and they are working perfectly. I have not had the need to purchase aftermarket mags as some others 45ACP Tacops owners have done. The 10mm factory mags have been flawless so far.

Things I've modified:

- The Grips as noted in an earlier post. This, to me, made a major difference. The original grips were too thin for me. All I felt on a solid hold was the front strap and grip safety. The new (standard thickness) grips fill the hand and just feels more secure.

- I added a EGW Flat Base FPS - This was to try and increase the dwell time because I'm getting the "Comma" mark on my primers when shooting standard loads. It has reduced these marks, but they still remain with full power ammo. I am going to try a WC 24lbs flat wire Recoil spring today and see what happens. If it affects reliability, I will return to the stock spring.

**A note, the proper FPS for the 10mm Tacops is the Series 80, 9mm/40S&W version. If you get the 45 version, you will be doing a lot of filing... Live and learn.. :banghead:

- Adjusted the trigger take-up and over travel. The factory fit had too much of both IMO.

- Lightened up the trigger return and sear spring a little.

- Stoned and polished the thumb safety/plunger contact area to smooth the action. Its better.

Other than these personal preferences, SIG got it right and built a very reliable 10mm 1911 with some great features. ;)

I have run plated flat point bullets, polymer (coated) round and flat point bullets, four different designs of JHP bullets and Lehigh Defense's Extreme Defender (Philips head screwdriver looking) bullets though this pistol, ranging from 115 grain to 180 grain and it has functioned flawlessly.
The 165 gr plated bullets were flying all over the place when I first tried them. I realized that with the longer barrel than my 40s and a more powerful cartridge of the 10mm, I was pushing them way too fast causing really bad accuracy. I got them down to 1000 fps and they are much more accurate now. I will say that the Polymer bullets are smokey, but man are they accurate. Jacketed bullets perform the best overall though. Nosler's 135 gr JHPs are the most impressive. Loaded to full power they are devastating in the 10mm. :eek:

I have not had to make any sight adjustments. Its dead on POA/POI right out the box.

Still waiting on my holster from TT gun leather...:( hopefully only 2 more weeks now.

That is all..

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Update: Holster Arrived !

My Reinforced Convertible Pancake OWB IWB - TTGunleather Store Holster and matching duel mag pouch from arrived today from TT Gunleather !!:D

Handgun holster Revolver Gun accessory Brass Metal

Ordered it 5 weeks ago. All the hardware is very high quality and the backs (Chicago screws) are covered by leather and stitched over. That's very ingenious.

IWB Mode: 15 deg cant, Has metal reinforced insert holding it's mouth open, rides the grip very close to the waist. So far very comfy.

OWB mode: Loops are removable revealing belt slots underneath, rides like a non Highride pancake. In other words, its more of a duty position than a high ride, which is exactly what I wanted. OWB for the range, IWB for concealed (If I feel so inclined). I love choices ;).
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