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In an effort to provide this information, not available elsewhere with more recent manufacture dates, I'd like to start compiling a list of serial numbers and manufacture dates by model on SIG handguns manufactured 2005 or later. If you would like to contribute, please post the serial number, production date and model of your SIG handgun from the sticker. To protect your privacy, please substitute an "XXX" for the last three digits and I will add it to the list.

Please limit info provided to that which you have readily available to you from the sticker on the box. Similar lists have been compiled elsewhere on the interwebz, please refrain from copying that data.

Thank you for your support in this project!

Update: March 11, 2022
In order to simplify searching this information, we have incorporated "Spoilers." Simply click on the specific spoiler you are interested in and the list will drop down for you, to close it, click on it again. We hope this helps weed through the data!

Serial number prefixes (thanks to @12131):

37a - P220
45a - P229
46a - P225a1
47a - P226
51b - P227
50e - P224
eak - P250
58a - P290
25a - P290

DA005xxx; 03-SEP-2009; P238; Thanks to tonyvillegas​
27B006xxx; 14-NOV-2013; P238 Tribal; Thanks to Whaler1​
27B040xxx; 25-JAN-2014; P238; Thanks to JimBobTexas​
27A200xxx; JUN-2014; P238-380-HD; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
27B115xxx; 24-FEB-2015; P238 CA Comp; Thanks to tonyvillegas​
27B217xxx; 14-MAR-2016; P238-380-B; Thanks to Jerz66​
27B272xxx; 16-AUG-2016; P238-380-SAS; Thanks to uncledub​
27B278xxx: 21-AUG-2016; P238​
27B321xxx; 10-NOV-2016; 238-380-TSS-CA​
27B31xxxx; 14-NOV-2016; 238-380-HDW​
27B371xxx; 20-JUN-2017; 238-380-PSP; Lipsey modified; Thanks to KenBry​
27C000743; 24-DEC-2017; 238-380-SAS; Thanks to Toolfool
27C046xxx; 17-APR-2019; P238; Thanks to Tusser​
52A008xxx; 1-AUG-2012; 938 Extreme; Thanks to dwg13013​
52A003xxx; 29-SEP-2012; 938-9-BRG-AMBI; Thanks to KenBry​
52A035xxx; 04-DEC-2012; 938-9-NMR-AMBI; Thanks to WC43​
52A043xxx; 18-JAN-2013; 938-9-EQ-AMBI​
52A060xxx; 18-APR-2013; 938-9-NMR-AMBI; malicious compliance​
52A01xxxx; 21-MAY-2013; 938-9-EQ-AMBI​
52A000xxx; 15-JUL-2013; 938-9-SAS-AMBI; Thanks to dwg13013​
52A084xxx; 09-SEP-2013; 938-9-SPORTS13; Thanks to WC43​
52B022xxx; 17-FEB-2014; 938-9-SCPN​
52B034xxx; 24-FEB-2014; 938-9-AG-AMBI; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
52B055xxx; 19-MAY-2014; P938 XTM; Thanks to pops5683​
52B046xxx; APR-2014; P938-9-Sports13​
52B060xxx; JUN-2014; 938-9-AG-AMBI; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
52B072xxx; 23-SEP-2014; 938-9-AG-AMBI; Thanks to alinc100​
52B090xxx; FEB-2015; 938-9-EQ-AMBI; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
52B100xxx; MAR-2015; 938-9-XTM-BLKGRY-AMBI; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
52B135xxx; 06-AUG-2015; 938-9-TSS-BRG-AMBI; Thanks to Acechaser​
52B165xxx; 16-JAN-2016; 938-9-XTM-BLKGRY-AMBI; Thanks to MountainMedic​
52B185xxx; 17-MAR-2016; 938-9-SAS-AMBI; Thanks to hexnut​
52B208xxx; 06-JUN-2016; 938-9-AGF-AMBI; Thanks to Jerz66​
52B203xxx; 8-JUN-2016; p938-scorpion; Thanks to Dispo​
52B213xxx; 14-JUL-2016; 938-BRG-AMBI; Thanks to SigBird​
52B239xxx; 16-SEP-2016; P938; Thanks to tgoldie00​
52B249xxx; 30-OCT-2016; 938-9-NMR-AMBI; Thanks to Holmes375​
52B275xxx; 11-DEC-2016; P938; Thanks to WiseguyDS​
52B256xxx; 14-JAN-2017; P938; Thanks to DerBiermeister​
52B295xxx; 21-MAR-2017; P938 Sports 13; Thanks to pops5683​
52B303xxx; 10-APR-2017; P938; Thanks to Rampo​
52B322xxx; 13-JUN-2017; 938-9-SAS-AMBI​
27C000743; 24-DEC-2017; 238-380-SAS; Thanks to Toolfool​
52E006xxx; 27-FEB-2018; P938 DB LSR; Thanks to pops5683​
52E035xxx; 18-AUG-2018; 938-9-DB-LSR-AMBI; Thanks to Okowboy Gun Nut​
SP0147xxx; 30-APR-2008; SP2022​
24B043xxx; 28-SEP-2011; E2022-9-B; Thanks to WC43​
24B147xxx; 22-AUG-2012; E2022-40-B; Thanks to Dan 2022​
24B121xxx; 24-SEP-2012; E2022-9-B-CPL; Thanks to OhioBob​
24B231xxx; 09-SEP-2014; E2022-9-B; Thanks to TimKempAK​
24B238xxx; 25-NOV-2014; E2022-9-BSS​
24B238xxx; DEC-2014; UDE2022-9-xxx; Thanks to glock35ipsc​
24B241xxx; 27-DEC-2014; E2022-9-B​
24B247xxx; 18-MAY-2015; SP2022 FDE​
24B282xxx; 15-JAN-2016; SP2022​
24B280xxx; 13-APR-2016; E2022-9-FDE; Thanks to tukatz​
24B333xxx; 10-AUG-2016; E2022-40-B; Thanks to TimKempAK​
24B361xxx; 05-FEB-2017; E2022-9-FDE; Thanks to jonv8944s​
24B385xxx; 18-APR-2018; E2022-40-TSS​
24D007xxx; 23-JUL-2019; E2022-9-RT-GST (Ghost); Thanks to carlow230​
24D014xxx; 26-FEB-2020; E2022-9-B; Thanks to s2racer​
P334xxx; 24-FEB-2012; P210 Legend Target; Thanks to Sarge1998​
P335xxx; 20-MAY-2014; 210-9-LEGEND​
59B014497; 30-MAY-2020; P210 Target; Thanks to 10-96​
P220 Compact​
G388xxx; 7-AUG-2007; 220C3-45-SAS; malicious compliance​
G406xxx; 2-MAR-2010; 220C3-45-BSSP-SAO; Thanks to dwg13013​
37A012xxx; 14-JUN-2011; 220COR-45-BSS; Thanks to OhioBob​
G508xxx; 7-MAY-2013; P220 Compact/Scorpion; Thanks to Sarge1998​
P220 Carry​
G402xxx; 12-OCT-2007; 220R3-45-SMT​
G510xxx; 15-FEB-2010; P220 Dark Elite Carry; Thanks to Johnnyfive​
37B046xxx; 19-SEP-2016; 220R3-45-SAS2B; P220 SAS Carry; Thanks to TimKempAK​
37B044xxx; 09-NOV-2016; W220R3-45-BSS; Thanks to Nontypical​
37B053xxx; 17-FEB-2017; 220R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX​
G359xxx; 11-FEB-2005; 220C-45-SSS ST; Thanks to dwg13013​
G398xxx; 20-AUG-2007; 220-BR5-45-TAS-SUP; Thanks to Pips​
G396xxx; 01-FEB-2008; UD220-45-B1; malicious compliance​
G394xxx; 05-DEC-2008; 220R-22-BAS-SAO; Thanks to Willard​
G422xxx; 20-APR-2009; P220-45-SSS; Thanks to Iralll​
G501xxx; 25-AUG-2009; 220-45-SSS-G; Thanx to Mike Slayer​
G508xxx; 27-Jan-2010; 220-45-SSS; Thanks to Willard​
37A005xxx; 29-SEP-2010; 220-45-EQ; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
37A003xxx; 27-OCT-2010; 220-45-BSS-RG; Thanks to MustangHowie​
G521xxx; 15-JUN-2011; 220R-45-SSE; Thanks to deadmanmike​
37A019xxx; 24-DEC-2011​
G527xxx; 02-AUG-2013; 220-45-SSS; malicious compliance​
37B007xxx; 19-JUN-2014​
37B017xxx; 30-OCT-2014; 220-45-SSS; Thanks to Bro KV​
37B017xxx; 05-JAN-2015; 220R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
37B021xxx; 26-MAR-2015; P220 SSE​
37B020xxx; 30-MAR-2015; 220R5-45-MSE​
37B017xxx; 26-JUN-2015; 220R3-45-SAS 2B; Thanks to DeathMerchant​
37B027xxx; 11-SEP-2015; 220-45-CP-DS-CA; Thanks to Applepooh​
37B034xxx; 04-MAY-2016;W220R-45-SCPN; Thanks to Muffin​
37B033xxx; 30-JUN-2016; 220-45-SSS-CA; Thanks to tcfiero​
37B04xxxx; 15-SEP-2016; 220R3-45-EQ​
37B050xxx; 04-JAN-2017; P220 SAO; Thanks to Superzuki​
37B055xxx; 13-MAY-2017; 220R-45-BSS; Thanks to Oldrider​
37B051xxx; 16-AUG-2017; 220R-45-SCPN; Thanks to KenBry​
37B057xxx; 16-APR-2018; W220-45-SP; Thanks to hemory​
37C004xxx; 24-OCT-2018; 220R5-45-MSE; Thanks to nesep79​
37C006xxx; 06-JAN-2019; 220R-45-LEGION Black; Thanks to nesep79​
37C020xxx; 23-JUN-2021; 220R-45-BSS-CA; Thanks to Planetcat​
37C023xxx; 8-FEB-2022; 220R-45-BSE; Thanks to hemory​
P220 10mm​
37B024xxx; 29-APR-2015; 220R5-10-RTAS-MSE; Thanks to TimKempAK​
37B023xxx; 04-MAY-2015; 220R5-10-GTR; malicious compliance​
37B027xxx; 29-MAY-2015; 220 R5-10-SSE-SAO; Thanks to dwg13013​
37B034xxx; 27-N0V-2015; 220R5-10-BSE-SAO; Thanks to CXXX​
37B049xxx; DEC-2016; 220R5-10-HP-SAO​
37B04xxxx; 12-JAN-2017; 220RS5-10-SSE-SAO​
37C006xxx; 29-APR-2019; 220R5-10-LEGION; Thanks to nesep79​
37C007xxx; 19-FEB-2019; 220R5-10-RTAS-MSE​
50A001xxx; 28-May-2013; 224-40-NSS-DAK; Thanks to tcfiero​
50A001xxx; 13-AUG-2013; 224-9-BSS-DAK; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
50A001xxx; 14-AUG-2013: 224-40-BSS-DAK; malicious compliance​
50E002xxx; 13-SEP-2013; 224-40-xtm-blkgry​
50E001xxx; 08-OCT-2013; E24-9-BSS​
50E003xxx; 05-NOV-2013; E24-9-BSS; Thanks to deadmanmike​
50E0037xx; 21-NOV-2013; p224 40S&W Extreme; Thanks to lpesenson​
50E000xxx; 04-APR-2014; P224; Thanks to eps135​
50E006xxx; 28-APR-2014; E24-9-SAS2B​
M675xxx; OCT-2009; P225; Thanks to bblr​
46A003xxx; 31-OCT-2015; 225A-9-B-CL; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
46A006xxx; 06-JAN-2016; P225A; Thanks to WiseguyDS​
46A007xxx; 29-APR-2016; 225A-9-BSS-CC​
46C001xxx; 08-DEC-2018; 225A-9-BSS-CC; Thanks to Willard​
46C002xxx; 02-DEC-2019; 225A-9-BSS-CL; Thanks to r7j5b​
SA4110xxx; 06-FEB-2006; 239-40-OCT05; Thanks to Nontypical​
SA098xxx; FEB-2007; P239-9mm; Thanks to bblr​
SA4119xxx; AUG-2007; 239-357-BSS; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
SA4129xxx; 15-MAR-2008; 239-40-SAS​
SA4143xxx; 06-MAR-2009; 239-40-B; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
SA4144xxx; 11-APR-2009; P239; Thanks to Sarge1998​
SBU013xxx; 27-AUG-2010​
SBU025xxx; 18-JUL-2012; W239-40-BSS; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
SBU020xxx; 12-JUN-2013; 239-40-B; Thanks to Willard​
56A000xxx; 08-JUL-2014; 239M-9-TSS; Thanks to Nontypical​
56A007xxx; 11-SEP-2014; 239-9-SCPN​
56A00xxxx; 02-MAR-2015; 220RS5-10-SSE-SAO​
56A008xxx; 02-MAR-2015; 239-357-BSS-DAK​
56A011xxx; 04-SEP-2015; 239-357-BSS; Thanks to Cjones1802827​
56A0123xx; 30-DEC-2015; 239-9-sas2b​
56A012xxx; 23-MAY-2016; 239-9-BSS-CA​
56A013xxx; 17-JUN-2016​
56A0153xx; 11-SEP-2016; 239-357-SAS2B; Thanks to TimKempAK​
56A015xxx; 12-SEP-2016; 239-9-SAS2B​
56A014xxx; 28-SEP-2016; W239-9-BSS-DAK​
56A0167xx; 29-MAR-2017; 239-9-TAC​
56A017xxx; 29-MAR-2017; 239-357- SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX​
56A018xxx; 11-JUL-2017; 239-9-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX​
56A011xxx; 17-JUL-2017; 239-9-SCPN​
56A018xxx; 27-JUL-2017; 239-9-BSS-CA​
56A018xxx; 27-SEP-2017; 239-375-SAS2B​
56B000xxx; 18-JAN-2018; 239-40-B​
U740xxx; 31-JUL-2006; E26R-9-PME; Thanks to Johnnyfive​
U743xxx; 08-SEP-2006; P226R; .357 Sig, agency marked "City of Burton Police"; Thank to Redcat94​
UU598xxx; 21-AUG-2007; E26-40-PSE; Thanks to KenBry​
U779xxx; 08-NOV-2007; P226R-9-B​
U800xxx; 03-MAR-2008; E26R-40-BSS; Thanks to Willard​
UU6379xx; 24-MAR-2008; E26R-40-BSS-DAK-G; Thanks to tygr1​
U811xxx; 28-MAY-2008; E26R-40-BSS-G; Thanks to SAObill​
U851xxx; 15-JUN-2009; E26R-40-BSE; Thanks to KenBry​
U8524xx; 29-JUN-2009; E26BR-9-BWTAC; Thanks to Sarge1998​
U840xxx; 30-SEP-2010; Stainless 226-40-SSS​
U841xxx; 08-MAR-2011; P226-9-SSS​
UU6488xxx; 18-JUN-2011; E26R-9-PSE; Thanks to eps135​
UU688xxx; 10-AUG-2011; P226 9mm Tacops​
U876xxx; SEP-2011; E26R-9-SSE​
UU693xxx; 22-SEP-2011; E-26-R-40-B; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
U840xxx; 30-SEP-2011; R26R-9-SBSS​
U875xxx; 14-OCT-2011; Rev Two Tone E26R-40-RTSS​
U874xxx; NOV-2011; P226 German frame w/rail; Thanks to glock35ipsc​
UU716xxx; 14-MAR-2012; E26R-40-XTM-BLKGRY​
UU722xxx; 11-MAY-2012; 226r-40-tacops; Thanks to deadmanmike​
UU730xxx; 12-JUN-2012; E26R-9-B; Thanks to dberezin​
UU765xxx; 20-MAR-2013; Dark Elite E26R-40-DSE​
47A000xxx; 19-JUL-2013; E26R-9-TACOPS​
UU796xxx; 24-JUL-2013; E26R-9-BSS; Thanks to CXXX​
47A020xxx; 25-OCT-2013; E26R-40-BSS; Thanks to dave928​
47A052xxx; 18-MAR-2014; E226-357-B1; Thanks to RuralRifleGuy​
47A069xxx; 20-AUG-2014; E26R-9-SBSS; malicious compliance​
47A078xxx; 30-DEC-2014; WE26R-40-SSE; Thanks to nesep79​
47A080xxx; 06-JAN-2015; P226-SSE​
47A065xxx; 07-JAN-2015; UDE226-357-B1; Thanks to alinc100​
47A067xxx; 13-JAN-2015; P226; Thanks to Pearson​
47A090xxx; 04-FEB-2015; P226 TacOps 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
45A036xxx; 16-FEB-2015; P229R 9mm​
47A092xxx; 29-MAR-2015; 226R-9-BSS-CA​
47A114xxx; 30-JUL-2015; E26R-9-SSE​
47A116xxx; 08-SEP-2015; P226R-9-SSE; Thanks to alinc100​
47A117xxx - 01-OCT-2015; E26R-9-LEGION; Thanks to eps135​
47A118xxx; 10-NOV-2015; E26R-40-LEGION; Thanks to tcfiero​
47A126xxx; 21-DEC-2015; P226 Legion 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
47A135xxx; 10-FEB-2016; P226 MK25 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
47A158xxx; 26-APR-2016; P226R-9B; Thanks to M1911a1lover​
47A193xxx; 19-SEP-2016; P226 Legion; Thanks to DerBiermeister​
47A20xxxx; 23-OCT-2016; E26R-40-EQ​
47A207xxx; 03-NOV-2016; 226R-40-ASE; Thanks to IndyGunCollector​
47A210xxx; 17-NOV-2016; WE26R-9-BSS-SRT; Thanks to KenBry​
47C013xxx; 30-MAR-2017; WE26R-9-LEGION; Thanks to nesep79​
47C017xxx; 24-MAY-2017; E26R-9-Legion​
47A221xxx; 06-JUN-2017; E26R-9-LEGION-SAO; Thanks to tgoldie00​
47C040xxx; 09-AUG-2017; 226R-22-BAS; Thanks to KenBry​
47C03xxxx; 13-AUG-2017; P226​
47A221xxx; 16-AUG-2017; P226 Legion; Thanks to WiseguyDS​
47C019xxx; 05-OCT-2017; P226 Legion​
47C022xxx; 06-NOV-2017; E26R-9-LEGION-RX; Thanks to freegrape​
47C018xxx; 05-FEB-2018; E26R-9-ASE; Thanks to kjphilippona​
47E030xxx; 26-JAN-2019; E26R-40-LEGION Black; Thanks to nesep79​
47E0377xx; 26-MAR-2019; E26R-9-BSE-SAO; Thanks to Willard​
47E0379xx; 07-JAN-2020; 226BR-22-BAS-SAO; Thanks to Willard​
47E050xxx; 02-JUN-2020; E26R-9-LEGION; Thanks to lingstar1​
P226 MK-25​
UU734xxx; 24-JUL-2012; WMK25 P226, Navy Version 9mm; Thanks to SigDan​
UU743xxx; 07-AUG-2012; MK-25; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
UU735xxx; 05-NOV-2012; Sig Sauer P226 Navy Version MK25, 9MM FNRA 2013​
UU756xxx; 14-JAN-2013; MK-25; Thanks to CXXX​
UU774xxx; 24-APR-2013; P226 Navy Version MK-25​
UU774xxx; 24-APR-2013; P226 Navy Version MK-25​
UU775xxx; 30-APR-2013; P226 MK-25​
UU771xxx; 23-MAY-2013; P226 MK-25​
UU791xxx; 08-JUL-2013; P226, Navy Version MK-25 9mm​
UU793xxx; 11-SEP-2013; P226 MK-25​
UU774xxx; 18-OCT-2013; P226 MK-25 9mm​
47A025xxx; 26-NOV-2013; MK-25-D; Thanks to Sarge 1998​
47A050xxx; 16-APR-2014; P226/MK-25 9mm​
47A049xxx; 22-APR-2014; P226 NAVY MK25-10; Thanks to kjphilippona​
47A075xxx; 23-OCT-2014; P226 Navy Version MK-25-D​
47A105xxx; 28-MAY-2015; MK-25; Thanks to deadmanmike​
47A091xxx; 6-JUN-2015; P226 MK-25; Thanks to nfsunder2​
47A119xxx; 21-SEP-2015; MK-25; Thanks to CXXX​
47A112xxx; 24-SEP-2015; MK-25-D; Thanks to eps135​
46A126xxx; 28-NOV-2015; MK-25​
47A127xxx; 07-DEC-2015; P226 MK-25; Thanks to bridge​
47A147xxx; 19-APR-2016; MK-25-TB; Thanks to TimKempAK​
47A15xxxx; 26-MAY-2016; P226 MK-25-D-RX; Thanks to EternalKnight1​
47A167xxx; JUL-2016; P226 MK-25​
47A208xxx; 19 NOV 2016; MK-25-D; Thanks to ExMany​
47A211xxx; 19-FEB-2017; P226 WMK25; Thanks to Gunny49​
47C0341xx; 03-DEC-2017; MK-25-TB​
47C0344xx; 10-FEB-2018; MK-25-TB​
47E074xxx; JAN-2021; P226 MK-25; Thanks to mrerick​
P226 X-Series​
U874xxx; 25-JUL-2011; 226X5-9-AR; Thanks to SteveAikens​
U878xxx; 9-NOV-2011; 226X5-9-L1​
U890xxx; MAR-2013; 226x5-9-comp; Thanks to jonv8944s​
U903xxx; 25-OCT-2013; P226 X5-9-BW; Thanks to sigke​
U904xxx; 10-DEC-2013; P226 X5E AR-40; Thanks to blackntan​
U904xxx; 12-DEC-2013; 226X5-40-L1​
U904xxx; 17-DEC-2013; P226 X5-40-COMP; Thanks to sigke​
U903xxx; 27-JAN-2014; 226X5-9-COMP*​
U909xxx; MAY-2014; 226x5e-40-AR; Thanks to jonv8944s​
U920xxx; 01-AUG-2016; P226 X5 Super Match​
51A000xxx; 14-JUN-2013; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to deadmanmike​
51B0041xx; 07-DEC-2013; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to Mowzerluvr​
51B004xxx; 09-DEC-2013; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to CXXX​
51B005xxx; 27-JAN-2014; 227R3-45-BSS; Thanks to Cjones1802827​
51B006xxx; 07-FEB-2014; 227R-45-EQ; Thanks to eps135​
51B008xxx; 23-FEB-2014; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to WC43​
51B014xxx; 14-APR-2014; 227R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to flwing​
51B017xxx; 16-JUN-2014; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to Keeko​
51B027xxx; 07-DEC-2015; 227R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to TimKempAK​
51B024xxx; 07-MAR-2016; E27R-45-TACOPS-E; Thanks to nesep79​
51B029xxx; 30-SEP-2016; 227R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to flowing​
51B032xxx 14-NOV-2017; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to BamaBud​
51E000xxx; 07-SEP-2018; 227R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to nesep79​
51E001xxx; JAN-2019; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to Navy87guy​
B341xxx; 28-MAY-2009; E28R-9-B​
P229 Carry​
55B036xxx; AUG-2015; E29CA-357-SAS2B; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
55B040xxx; 27-OCT-2015; E29CA-357-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX​
AAU01xxx; 9-SEP-2005; E29R-40-HSP; Thanks to SigDan​
ACU00xxx; MAY-2006; 229R Nickel; Thanks to dwg13013​
AM683xx; 25-APR-2007; e29r-357-b; Thanks to eaglejbw​
ADU06xxx; 06-OCT-2007; E29R-357-BSS-DAK-G​
AM79xxx; 18-OCT-2007; E29R-40-BSS; Thanks to Cjones1802827​
AM90xxx; 19-DEC-2007; E29R-40-BSS; Thanks to bblr​
AM109xxx; 8-SEP-2008; E29R-40-EQ; Thanks to dwg13013​
AM123xxx; APR-2009; P229 9mm Nitron; Thanks to M1911a1lover​
AM123xxx; 29-APR-2009; E29R-9-BSS​
AM155xxx; 30-JUN-2009; Stainless Elite E29R-40-SSE​
AM157xxx; 22-JUL-2009; Equniox E29R-40-EQ​
AM160xxx; 01-SEP-2009; E29R-40-BSS​
AFU10xxx; 10-MAY-2010; E29-357-SAS2B​
AGU05xxx; 02-JUL-2010; E29R-9-BSS-E2-G​
AGU10xxx; 19-AUG-2010; E29R-9-BSS​
AHU01xxx; 4-APR-2011; E29R-40-ESE; Thanks to CXXX​
AHU05xxx; 12-JUL-2011; E29R-9-ESE; malicious compliance​
AM12xxx; 10-OCT-2011; E29-9-BSS-GER​
AHU10203; 29-NOV-2011; E29R-BSS-DAK-MGS-G; Thanks to 10-96​
AFU089xx; 20-DEC-2011; E29-9-SAS2B; Thanks to Corpsman1998​
AHU16285; 24-JAN-2012; E29R-BSS-DAK-MGS-G; Thanks to 10-96​
AJU01xxx; FEB-2012; E29R-9-B; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
AJU10xxx; 29-MAY-2012; E29-40-BSS; malicious compliance​
AHU16296; 31-JAN-2012; E29R-BSS-DAK-MGS-G; Thanks to 10-96​
AHU16300; 31-JAN-2012; E29R-BSS-DAK-MGS-G; Thanks to 10-96​
AKU22xxx; 21-JUN- 2013; E29R-9-BSS-TACPAC-l; Thanks to CXXX​
AJU02481; 21-FEB-2012; E29R-BSS-DAK-MGS-G; Thanks to 10-96​
AJU02480; 22-FEB-2012; E29R-BSS-DAK-MGS-G; Thanks to 10-96​
AKU13xxx; 28-AUG-2013; E29-40-SAS2B; Thanks to kjphilippona​
45A0129xx; 01-OCT-2013; 229R; Thanks to Oldrider​
45A015xx; 13-OCT-2013; p229 40S&W Nitron; Thanks to lpesenson​
45A01xxx; 01-NOV-2013; Classic, no rail; Thanks to agumon12​
55B001xxx; 04-NOV-2013; WE29R-40-SSE; Thanks to nesep79​
55B003xxx; 16-DEC-2013; 229R-40 EQ; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
55B0042xx; 31-DEC-2013; E29R-9-SSE​
55B005xxx; 17-JAN-2014; P229R-22-BAS; Thanks to nesep79​
45A025xxx; 20-MAR-2014; E29-40-SAS2B; Thanks to tcfiero​
45A027xxx; 16-MAY-2014; E29R-40-SCPN-DE; Thanks to KuZZo​
55B021xxx; 26-NOV-2014; P229​
55B023xxx; 13-DEC-2014; E29R-40-EQ ; Thanks to Twister​
55B029xxx; 20-MAR-2015; E29R-9-SCPN; Thanks to Gcham5​
55B017121; 01-MAY-2015; E29R-BSS-DAK-MGS-G; Thanks to 10-96​
55B032xxx; 29-JUN-2015; E29R-9-BPIRNA Lew Horton limited edition Pirahna; Thanks to KenBry​
55B039xxx; JUL-2015; E29R-40-SSE​
55B0258xx; 12-APR-2016; E29R-9-CBT​
45A046xxx; 02-MAY-2016; E29-357-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX​
55B054xxx; 07-JUN-2016; UDE229-9-B1; DAK; P229 SAS; Thanks to TimKempAK​
55B068xxx; 23-JUN-2016; E29R-40-SSE​
55B066XXX; 01 AUG 2016; E29R-9-LEGION; Thanks to ExMany​
45A046xxx; 12-AUG-2016; WE29-9-BSS-LGCY; Thanks to glock35ipsc​
45A049xxx; 17-AUG-2016; P229-9-SAS2B; Thanks to nesep79​
55B0745xx; 03-OCT-2016; E29R-9-CBT​
55B069xxx; 06-OCT-2016; P229 Legion; Thanks to Pearson​
55B062xxx; 08-NOV-2016; E29R-40-ESE; Thanks to JDIOWA​
45A050xxx; 06-DEC-2016; E29-9-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX​
55B083xxx; 14-JAN-2017; E29R-40-LEGION; Thanks to nesep79​
55B094xxx; 30-JUL-2017; E29R-9-LEGION; Thanks to KenBry​
55B093139; 16-AUG-2017; P229R-22-BAS - 22 Long Rifle Ctg.; Thanks to 10-96​
55B098xxx; 19-AUG-2017; E29R-9-BTF P229 Elite (Titanium Blue); Thanks to TimKempAK​
45A054xxx; 19-DEC-2017; E29-9-SAS2B; Thanks to flwing​
55E010xxx; 28-APR-2018; E29R-9-Sel.​
55E028xxx; 18-JAN-2019; UE229-9-B1; Thanks to gc70​
55B061xxx; 11-FEB-2019; E29-9-CC-LGCY; Thanks to CubedWarrior​
55E052xxx; 21-APR-2021; WE29R-40-BSS; Thanks to Nontypical​
55E062xxx; 07-JAN-2022; WE29R-9-LEGION; Thanks to Nontypical​
AJU23xxx; NOV-2012; M11-A1; Thanks to RG33​
45A007xxx; 30-SEP-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to CXXX​
45A011xxx; 17-OCT-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to Willard​
45A003xxx; 15-NOV-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to Dispo​
45A018xxx; 10-DEC-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to CXXX​
45A018xxx; 13-DEC-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to TimKempAK​
45A022xxx; 22-JAN-2014; M11-A1; Thanks to SigDan​
45A023xxx; 28-FEB-2014; M11-A1; Thanks to dplay​
45A040xxx; 16-FEB-2016; M11-A1; Thanks to kjphilippona​
45A048xxx; 20-JUL-2016; M11-A1; Thanks to Oldrider​
45A038xxx; 24-JUL-2016; M11-A1-D​
45A0513xx; 15-JAN-2017; M11-A1​
GS55xxx; 28-JAN-2012; 1911-45-STX​
GS61xxx; 14-MAY-2012; 1911-45-STX; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
GS83xxx; 11-JUN-2012; 1911FCA-45-NMR; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
GS98xxx; 22-OCT-2012; 1911R-45-SCPN; malicious compliance​
54A036xxx; 01-APR-2013; 1911R-45-SSS; Thanks to jonv8944s​
54A029xxx; 02-MAY-2013; 1911CAR-45-TACOPS; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
54A035xxx; 09-MAY-2013; 1911F-45-NMR; malicious compliance​
54A063xxx; 30-AUG-2013; 1911-45-TSS-CAB13; Thanks to KenBry​
54B000xxx; 17-SEP-2013; 1911R-45-SCPN; Thanks to Johnnyfive​
54B013xxx; 19-NOV-2013; 1911U-45-NBS13​
54B009xxx; 25-NOV-2013; (C3) 1911CO-45-TSS-C3P-CTW; Thanks to TimKempAK​
54B025xxx; 17-JAN-2014; 1911U-45-TSS; Thanks to Gunny49​
54B025xxx; 22-JAN-2014; 1911 Fastback Carry Nightmare​
54B090xxx; 03-MAR-2015; 1911-45-S-TGT​
54B077xxx; 05-MAR-2015; 1911U-45-BSS​
54B086xxx; 11-MAR-2015; 1911R-45-TACOPS; Thanks to CXXX​
54B087xxx; 28-MAR-2015; 1911F-357-NMR; malicious compliance​
54B067xxx; 19-JUN-2015; 1911R-357-TACOPS; malicious compliance​
54B101xxx; 26-JUN-2015; 1011UT-9-TSS; malicious compliance​
54B110xxx; 30-OCT-2015; 1911-45-S-XO; Thanks to sigke​
54B114xxx; 19-JAN-2016; 1911UT-9-TSS; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
54B127xxx: 23-MAY-2016; 1911R-45-ESCPN; Thanks to eps135​
54B079xxx; 31-MAY-2016; 1911-45-S-STGT; Thanks to alinc100​
54B104xxx; 08-JAN-2017; 1911R-10-TACOPS; malicious compliance​
54B165xxx; 13-NOV-2017; 1911UT-9-TSS​
54B174xxx; 28-DEC-2017; 1911TR-9-TACOPS; malicious compliance​
54E023xxx; 06-APR-2019; 1911FCA-357-NMR (1911 Nightmare Carry); Thanks to TimKempAK​
54E033xxx; 14-JUN-2019; 1911R-10-TACOPS; Thanks to TimKempAK​
S265xxx; 12-MAY-2006; P232 SS; Thanks to Sarge1998​
S287xxx; 17-NOV-2008; P232-380-SSS; Thanks to alinc100​
S312xxx; 31-OCT-2009; P232-380-B; Thanks to sambasye​
S312xxx; 20-DEC-2009; 232-380-TSS; Thanks to tcfiero​
S314xxx; 12-APR-2010; P232-380-BSS-G; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53​
S327xxx; 02-AUG-2013; 232-380-SSS; Thanks to tcfiero​
C016xxx; FEB-2005; 245-45-FEB05; Thanks to ThnkFrst​
EAK067xxx; 26-AUG-2001; 250C-40-BSS-10​
57C020xxx; 18-NOV-2015; 250C-22-B; Thanks to Manster​
57CO58xxx; 07-AUG-2018; 250SC-45-B​
57C052xxx; 31-DEC-2019; W250C-9-SP; Thanks to Hemory​
25B008xxx; 23-NOV-2011; 290-9-TSS-L (2-Tone, Siglite, Laser); Thanks to stillwater0302​
26C028xxx; 14-JAN-2014; 290RS-9-BSS-L; Thanks to OhioBob​
26C029xxx; 09-JUN-2014; 290RS-9-BSS; Thanks to CXXX​
28C047xxx; 30-DEC-2014; P290RS 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
58A029xxx; 27-JUN-2015; 320SC-9-BSS; Thanks to Gcham5​
58B033xxx; 06-JUL-2015; 320SC-9-B; Thanks to tukatz​
58A120xxx; 03-MAR-2017; 320SC-9-BSS​
58A004xxx; 21-JUN-2014; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to TimKempAK​
5A8000xxx; 18-MAR-2015; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to CXXX​
58B029xxx; 27-MAY-2015; 320C-9-FDE; Thanks to stillwater0302​
58B041xxx; 10-JUL-2015; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to deadmanmike​
58A057xxx; 12-DEC-2015; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to Bro KV​
58A081xxx; 27-APR-2016; W320C-9-BSS; Thanks to glock35ipsc​
58A089xxx; 24-JUN-2016; SIG P320C -9 BSS; Thanks to JRR47​
58C006xxx; 06-MAR-2017; 320C-9-FDE; Thanks to KenBry​
58B208xxx; 22-APR-2017; P320C-9-B; Thanks to freediverdude​
58C04xxxx; 13-JUN-2017; P320 Compact; Thanks to chrissmallwood​
58GB213xxx; 12-NOV-2017; P320 Compact​
58H052xxx; 04-MAR-2019; 320C-9-B-RX; Thanks to AZ Shootist​
58H128xxx; 30-AUG-2019; P320C-9-B; Thanks to PatMcClat​
58K110xxx; 11-JUN-2021; 320C-40-BSS; Thanks to RWLawrence​
58A090xxx; 31-AUG-2016; 320CA-9-BSS; Thanks to Manster​
58B169xxx; 03-FEB-2017; P320CA 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
58B148xxx; 08 MAY 2017; 320CA-45-B1; Thanks to ExMany​
M18-088xxx; 9-SEPT-2020; P320-M18; Thanks to JamesPettigrew​
Full Size​
58A011xxx; 31-JUL-2014; 320F-40-BSS; Thanks to RuralRifleGuy​
58B010xxx; 6-NOV-2014; P320F-9-BSS; Thanks to Sarge1998​
58A056xxx; 28-NOV-2015; P320F-9-BSS; Thanks to Bro KV​
58A058xxx - 03-DEC-2015; 320F-9-BSS; Thanks to eps135​
58B156xxx; 13-JAN-2017; P320F 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
58B164xxx; 27-JAN-2017; 320F-9-B; Thanks to Twister​
58A116xxx; 06-FEB-2017; W320F-40-BSS​
58B194xxx; 25-MAR-2017; 320F-9-TSS-RX​
M17-100xxx; 11-NOV-2018; P320-M17; Thanks to Spreading_SIGness​
58B233xxx; 20-MAY-2017; P320 X Five 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
58C133xxx; 25-NOV-2017; P320 X Carry 9mm; Thanks to blackntan​
58C157xxx; APR-2018; P320 X Carry 9mm; 58C157xxx; Thanks to Oldrider​
58C339xxx; 18-JUN-2018; 320X5-9-BAS​
58H012xxx; 23-MAR-2019; 320XCA-9-BXR3-COY-CAB; Thanks to TimKempAK​
58H056xxx; 14-APR-2019; 320XC-9-BXR3; Thanks to CrystalPistol​
58K054xxx; 25-OCT-2020; 320XC-9-BXR3-RXP-10; Thanks to Brizzman​
58K086xxx; 27-JAN-2021; P320X Compact; Thanks to msessor​
66A0007xx; 20-JAN-2018​
66A0008xx; 20-JAN-2018; Thanks to jhsigtx​
66A0009xx; 21-JAN-2018​
66A0013xx; 21-JAN-2018​
66A0012xx; 24-JAN-2018​
66A0021xx; 28-JAN-2018; Thanks to just10mm​
66A0022xx; 29-JAN-2018​
66A0022xx; 02-FEB-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to TimKempAK​
66A0030xx; 06-FEB-2018​
66A0044xx; 12-FEB-2018​
66A0047xx; 15-FEB-2018; Thanks to K46Tank​
66A0057xx; 15-FEB-2018​
66A0070xx; 22-FEB-2018​
66A0070xx; 23-FEB-2018; Thanks to Chetperk​
66A0076xx; 23-FEB-2018​
66A0083xx; 28-FEB-2018​
66A0084xx; 03-MAR-2018; 365-9-BXR3​
66A0088xx; 03-MAR-2018; Thanks to RoadDog​
66A0092xx; 04-MAR-2018; Thanks to MultiSync​
66A0091xx; 06-MAR-2018​
66A0096xx; 08-MAR-2018​
66A0101xx; 08-MAR-2018​
66A0111xx; 11-MAR-2018; Thanks to kz2​
66A0116xx; 11-MAR-2018​
66A0116xx; 11-MAR-2018​
66A0116xx; 11-MAR-2018; Thanks to MarkB1​
66A0125xx; 11-MAR-2018​
66A0126xx; 11-MAR-2018​
66A011xxx; 12-MAR-2018; Thanks to ShootAlot44​
66A0117xx; 12-MAR-2018​
66A0125xx; 12-MAR-2018​
66A0128xx; 15-MAR-2018; Thanks to Harpo​
66A0132xx; 15-MAR-2018​
66A0134xx; 16-MAR-2018; Thanks to SecondSigUser​
66A0134xx; 16-MAR-2018​
66A0139xx; 16-MAR-2018; Thanks to ma6907​
66A0145xx; 17-MAR-2018​
66A0150xx; 19-MAR-2018; Thanks to buds​
66A0164xx; 22-MAR-2018​
66A0176xx; 22-MAR-2018; 365-9-BXR3​
66A0175xx; 24-MAR-2018​
66A0157xx; 24-MAR-2018​
66A0148xx; 25-MAR-2018​
66A0187xx; 25-MAR-2018​
66A019xxx; 27-MAR-2018​
66A0195xx; 27-MAR-2018​
66A0199xx; 28-MAR-2018​
66A0205xx; 31-MAR-2018​
66A0207xx; 31-MAR-2018​
66A0210xx; 04-APR-2018​
66A022xxx; 05-APR-2018​
66A0244xx; 05-APR-2018; Thanks to Brendon55​
66A0235xx; 07-APR-2018​
66A0231xx; 08-APR-2018​
66A025xxx; 09-APR-2018​
66A026xxx; 09-APR-2018​
66A0263xx; 12-APR-2018​
66A0266xx; 12-APR-2018​
66A0298xx; 18-APR-2018​
66A0330xx; 20-APR-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Malicious Compliance​
66A0332xx; 20-APR-2018​
66A0340xx; 21-APR-2018​
66A0359xx; 24-APR-2018​
66A0357xx; 25-APR-2018​
66A001xxx; 26-APR-2018​
66A0361xx; 26-APR-2018​
66A0387xx; 29-APR-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to TimKempAK​
66A0390xx; 03-MAY-2018​
66A040xxx; 08-MAY-2018​
66A0415xx; 08-MAY-2018​
66A018xxx; 11-MAY-2018​
66A0482xx; 12-MAY-2018​
66A0440xx; 13-MAY-2018​
66A0456xx; 16-MAY-2018​
66A0484xx; 19-MAY-2018​
66A040xxx; 21-MAY-2018​
66A040xxx; 21-MAY-2018​
66A042xxx; 21-MAY-2018​
66A049xxx; 21-MAY-2018​
66A0499xx; 21-MAY-2018​
66A0507xx; 24-MAY-2018​
66A0525xx; 29-MAY-2018​
66A0542xx; 29-MAY-2018​
66A0516xx; 31-MAY-2018​
66A0524xx; 31-MAY-2018​
66A055xxx; 31-MAY-2018; 365-9-BXR3​
66A0555xx; 01-JUN-2018​
66A0581xx; 03-JUN-2018​
66A0600xx; 08-JUN-2018​
66A059xxx; 09-JUN-2018; 365-9-BXR3​
66A0597xx; 09-JUN-2018​
66A061xxx; 10-JUN-2018​
66A0641xx; 10-JUN-2018​
66A061xxx; 11-JUN-2018​
66A0624xx; 12-JUN-2018​
66A0635xx; 14-JUN-2018​
66A0645xx; 16-JUN-2018​
66A0659xx; 17-JUN-2018​
66A0526xx; 18-JUN-2018​
66A0669xx; 20-JUN-2018​
66A0688xx; 20-JUN-2018​
66A0694xx; 22-JUN-2018​
66A0656xx; 23-JUN-2018​
66A07xxxx; 24-JUN-2018​
66A069xxx; 26-JUN-2018​
66A0691xx; 26-JUN-2018​
66A072xxx; 28-JUN-2018; W365-9-BXR3; Thanks to nesep79​
66A0699xx; 29-JUN-2018​
66A070xxx; 29-JUN-2018​
66A0707xx; 29-JUN-2018​
66A0718xx; 29-JUN-2018​
66A071xxx; 30-JUN-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to Fairshake​
66A0716xx; 30-JUN-2018​
66A0752xx; 30-JUN-2018​
66A0763xx; 30-JUN-2018​
66A0779xx; 03-JUL-2018​
66A0802xx; 07-JUL-2018​
66A0805xx; 10-JUL-2018​
66A0811xx; 10-JUL-2018​
66A0814xx; 10-JUL-2018​
66A0807xx; 11-JUL-2018​
66A082xxx; 14-JUL-2018; 365-9-BX3R3; Thanks to fatboy233​
66A0824xx; 14-JUL-2018​
66A0844xx; 17-JUL-2018​
66A0860xx; 17-JUL-2018​
66A0867xx; 17-JUL-2018​
66A075xxx; 18-JUL-2018​
66A0871xx; 19-JUL-2018​
66A0872xx; 19-JUL-2018​
66A041xxx; 21-JUL-2018​
66A0879xx; 22-JUL-2018; L365-9-BXR3​
66A089xxx; 27-JUL-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to RMShortley​
66A088xxx; 30-JUL-2018​
66A0943xx; 02-AUG-2018​
66A0954xx; 03-AUG-2018​
66A0951xx; 12-AUG-2018​
66A0622xx; 15-AUG-2018​
66A097xxx; 15-AUG-2018; p365; Thanks to Gimpy 1940​
66A0983xx; 15-AUG-2018​
66A099xxx; 22-AUG-2018; L365-9-BXR3​
66A101xxx; 26-AUG-1018​
66A1023xx; 30-AUG-2018​
66A1029xx; 04-SEP-2018​
66A1029xx; 04-SEP-2018​
66A1032xx; 05-SEP-2018​
66A1040xx; 08-SEP-2018​
66A1049xx: 08-SEP-2018​
66A104xxx; 10-SEP-2018; p365; Thanks to Dispo​
66A106xxx; 12-SEP-2018​
66A1078xx; 14-SEP-2018​
66A1105xx; 17-SEP-2018​
66A1104xx; 18-SEP-2018​
66A108xxx; 18-SEP-2018​
66A1097xx; 19-SEP-2018​
66A1107xx; 19-SEP-2018​
66A1116xx; 20-SEP-2018​
66A1118xx; 20-SEP-2018​
66A1123xx; 21-SEP-2018​
66A1124xx; 21-SEP-2018​
66A1116xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A200xxx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2005xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2008xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2013xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2013xx; 23-SEP-2018​
66A2003xx; 24-SEP-2018​
66A2017xx; 24-SEP-2018​
66A2018xx; 24-SEP-2018​
66A2034xx; 26-SEP-2018​
66A2067xx; 28-SEP-2018​
66A2077xx; 28-Sep-2018​
66A2088xx; 02-OCT-2018​
66A2135xx; 04-OCT-2018​
66A2124xx; 08-OCT-2018​
66A2169xx; 08-OCT-2018​
66A2178xx; 11-OCT-2018​
66A2190xx; 11-OCT-2018​
66A2175xx -12-OCT-2018​
66A2187xx; 12-OCT-2018​
66A2212xx; 13-OCT-2018​
66A2255xx; 13-OCT-2018​
66A224xxx; 15-OCT-2018​
66A2216xx; 16-OCT-2018​
66A224xxx; 16-OCT-2018​
66A2219xx; 17-OCT-2018​
66A2264xx; 17-OCT-2018​
66A2265xx; 17-OCT-2018​
66A2286xx; 17-OCT-2018​
66A2276xx; 20-OCT-2018​
66A2279xx; 20-OCT-2018​
66A2295xx; 20-OCT-2018​
66A2303xx; 20-OCT-2018​
66A22xxxx; 21-OCT-2018​
66A2302xx; 21-OCT-2018​
66A2337xx, 22-OCT-2018​
66A2300xx; 22-OCT-2018​
66A235xxx; 23-OCT-2018​
66A2384xx; 26-OCT-2018​
66A2384xx; 26-OCT-2018​
66A2384xx; 26-OCT-2018​
66A2321xx; 27-OCT-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to mmmtacos​
66A2402xx; 27-OCT-2018​
66A2405xx; 27-OCT-2018​
66A2409xx; 30-OCT-2018​
66A2435xx; 30-OCT-2018​
66A2438xx; 01-NOV-2018​
66A24xxxx; 03-NOV-2018​
66A2532xx; 12-NOV-2018​
66A238xxx; 17-NOV-2018​
66A249xxx; 20-NOV-2018​
66A2495xx; 23-NOV-2018​
66A2683xx; 23-NOV-2018​
66A267xxx; 24-NOV-2018​
66A256xxx; 27-NOV-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to SonOfDad​
66A2870xx; 30-NOV-18​
66A284xxx; 01-DEC-2018​
66A2752xx; 02-DEC-2018​
66A284xxx; 04-DEC-2018​
66A291xxx; 08-DEC-2018​
66A2921xx; 08-DEC-2018​
66A2929xx; 08-DEC-2018​
66A2565xx; 18-DEC-2018​
66A278xxx; 21-DEC-2018​
66A298xxx; 24-DEC-2018; 365-9-BXR3​
66A302xxx; 27-DEC-2018​
66A309xxx; 28-DEC-2018​
66A287xxx; 31-DEC-2018​
66A313xxx; 02-JAN-2019​
66A314xxx; 04-JAN-2019​
66A317xxx; 04-Jan-2019​
66A297xxx; 05-JAN-2019​
66A308xxx; 05-JAN-2019​
66A311xxx; 07-JAN-2019​
66A316xxx; 09-JAN-2019​
66A522xxx; 15-AUG-2019; W365XL-9-BXR3; Thanks to TimKempAK​
66A541xxx; 06-SEP-2019; P365XL; Thanks to Dvdreed1966​
66A568xxx; 05-OCT-2019; 365-9-SAS-C; Thanks to TimKempAK​
66A813XXX; 24 APR 2020; 365-9-SAS-C; Thanks to ExMany​
66B204xxx; 28-OCT-2020; P365XL; Thanks to JamesPettigrew​
66B279xxx; 03-DEC-2020; 365-9-BXR3-MS-TACPAC; Thanks to Dvdreed1966​
66B654xxx; 02-JUL-2021; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to AK47MAN​
66F083xxx; 10-FEB-2022; P365; Thanks to Donutman​
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My blue box has E29-40-B-G below that it says sig arms 229-40,B,CONT my serial number is AL***. The 2 magazines that appear to be original are dated 1994. Can anyone help me get any idea of Manufacture date?
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