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I purchased the sig P320 X5 legion From a Communist state that is only allows 10 rounds. Here In NV there is no round limit. I think I read somewhere that it can be a easy fix to make it full capacity. This true?

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First off Congrats on the purchase of your Sig P320 X5 Legion!

With all due respects to phlyers13 & wolfpacker I wouldn't waste my time with the 10 round mags at the Range.
Unless of course you like to spend some of your time at the Range Re-Loading Magazines
I would go to the Classifieds or wherever you like and sell the 10's.
Then put that $$$ towards the magazines you really want 17 & 21 Round Magazines.

I have always gone to the Range knowing that I have at least a box of 50 rounds loaded and ready to go per handgun.
I hate spending my time at the Range loading magazines.

With my Compact RX Slide on a Wilson Carry Grip I have..
* Two 17 Round Magazines = 34 Rounds
* Two 21 Round Magazines = 42 Rounds
That gives me 76 pre-loaded Rounds to shoot before I have to Re-Load.

With my P365 I have

* Four 12 Round Magazines = 48 Rounds
* One 15 Round Magazines = 15 Rounds
That Gives me 63 Rounds to shoot before I have to re-Load

So if I just take my P320 & P365 to the range I can Shoot 139 Rounds before I would have to Re-Load Magazines.
Sometimes 139 Rounds Downrange is my entire shooting time at the Range.
Anyway you get the picture.

Congrats on not having to live with 10 Rounds per mag

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Congrats on your new Legion X5.
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