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SIG P320 manual safety FCU question

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It's nighttime, so all kinds of stupid questions enter my head. If I have a P320 manual safety FCU, can I use a non-manual safety parts kit with it? Would I have to replace/add any parts to it? If that works, wouldn't that make the manual safety FCU more versatile?
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The grip modules with the manual safety cutouts, are the only unique part to keep in mind. Everything else is universal across the board
Non ms parts work youll just have that cutout in the fcu for the ms
If you’re asking what does it take to go from manual safety to non manual safety, you need the safety lever pin (replaces the actual levers), and a non manual safety grip module (so the pin doesn’t fall out).

As discussed many many times, the manual safety fcu’s are machined to accept the manual safety components. The non manual safety fcu’s lack this. It can be added by later by vendors such as ABPrototype at a cost.

If you’re suggesting that a manual safety fcu is “better” because it can go either way, I can’t argue against that. However there is a cost associated with it.

Why Sig doesn’t offer the CW FCU in a manual safety model, is the subject of many other threads.
Thank you, got my answers, and then some :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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