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Sig 365. Legal in CA. Or not?

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Curious if a Sig 365 is California compliant? 10+ 1 chambered
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A P365 is "legal" to be owned in California, but a California resident cannot merely buy one from an FFL-dealer, unless the buyer is exempt from California's roster.

"Legal" and "roster" are different things.
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Appears only 39 SIGs are available for purchase in the Peoples Republic. P365/X/XL not one of them.

The p365 is legal to own in California.Whther the magazine is legal depends on the capacity. A 10+1 is legal. I don't believe there is a modle with a threaded barrel, but one would be illegal. The trick is legally acquiring one since a dealer is generally not allowed to deliver a handgun to a person other than a LEO unless it is on the roster of ceritied safe handguns. There are a few ways for non-exempt persons to acquire them. Bring them with you when you move to California, certain out of state relatives may gift them to a CA resident, purchase from another CA resident in a private party transfer conducted thorugh a CA FFL. There is always an exception to an exception. For instance, if a transfer is between certain family members, it need not go thorugh a FFL. Since the delivery is not made by a FFL, the Roster does not have an effect. The devil is in the details. For details you may wish to look at a dedicated California Gun Forum. Many think an easy way to go is to buy one in a PPT from a LEO or just have a LEO but if for you. Don't!
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No threaded barrel. Good to go.

Off roster though so you’ll have to buy it from a cop or your out of state son or dad can give you one.
Although it's restricted availability (off-roster) effectively doubles the price, they are perfectly legal to own/carry.

I currently have three off-roster pistols on my CA permit, including a P365...

Each one (five different pistols) entered the state in a different fashion, none were from a policemen, (or other roster exempt purchasers).
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