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SIG 239 9/40/357 Don Hume Front Break Holster. GONE!

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Most people don't have a 239. Leather for them is hard to come by. I don't carry my 239 in a PC any more and so I don't need a Snap holster. The is a Don Hume 726 with a wide front break. (I use this with my Legion with Romeo 1 Pro) and it is a very secure holster with great and easy draw. Needs a good home, Must pay postage. (About $16 USA)


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GONE. Sent to Christak.

Thank you all for helping me clean out my closet.
(Getting rid of duty gear is part of my mental health check.
Gibbs Rule 11, and 91. )
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You will find that it IS secure, it does lock well, and it DOES release easily when you need it out. BUT. IT's a PITA to reholster. (IT always was for me). Which is why I got to a non locking for the 239.

BUT. It's my favorite for my Legion with Romen 1 Pro. Absolutely cut right for the Romeo Pro

But I digress. I am happy you are happy.
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I understand the reholstering comment, but I am quite pleased with the holster. I've been wearing it since it arrived and will continue to do so since my 239 is my EDC during the cooler months here in Florida. Don Hume is a favorite holster brand for me. Thanks again.
Good for you.
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