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Sig 229 legion

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I have a Sig 229 SAO Legion about 1 year old. I shoot mostly suppressed so the gun gets a LOT of burned powder grit in the trigger parts. This polishes moving & rubbing things pretty quickly.

So after about a year of shooting the trigger has settled in at a very nice crisp 2 pounds 4 ounces (average over 10 pulls). It does have the straight trigger so obviously where I place my finger or the pull gauge makes a difference.

In any case, I really like the pull feel but it is just too darn light for me as a carry gun. It is safe as there is no push-off but just a little on the low side for my liking.

So my question: is there anything available like a heavier trigger return spring or heavier sear spring that can make the trigger pull a little higher (about 3 to 3.5 pounds would be perfect. If something is available where might I find it?
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Wow - what a great problem to have! Opposite of the usual logic (how do I lower it...)

Others with more experience will hopefully chime in with specific part suggestions. I can share that Armory Craft has a range of springs to reduce trigger pull, and may have versions that increase it. Example here: Sig Sauer Trigger Pull Reduction Kit P220 P224 P225A1 P226 P227 P228 P229 P239 | armorycraft I would call Milos and ask - he either has what you need or can suggest options to solve for it. Either way, you will likely find the call worthwhile.

Good luck!
I know the feeling of a trigger being almost too light. My TSO is right a 1 lb, and I've unintentionally pulled it while getting a sight picture in competition before. I'd never carry a gun with a trigger like this though...with adrenaline a 1 lb trigger might as well be zero. Range and competition only for my TSO.

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I am not aware of any company making heavier sear springs on a bigger scale.

That being said, the sear spring is relatively simple and should not be very difficult to make out a thicker wire.
I know Kevin John Byrd of Delta Defense ( Home | South Carolina USA | Delta Defense LLC ) knows how to make lighter sear springs...perhaps you can reach to him and ask if he can make a heavier one as well.
Thanks for the replies. I was hoping there was an easy fix using a heavier sear spring.

I will see if I can live with it as is but I will probably end up removing the hammer then setting it up in my stoning fixture and stoning in a little more hammer sear-notch back angle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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