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Sig 226 barrel bushing.

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Does anyone make one for the Sig 226? I know WAL makes it for the Beretta 92 series (but not all the 92 series).

Just curious. Would be fun to get it done.
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Just a hint, almost any production firearm that comes out of a reputable company(Sig, Beretta, Glock, S&W, Walther, H&K, ect.) will outshoot the shooter. And like Willard said, both the 1911 and the 92 use different locking mechanisms that don't require a cant of the barrel upon cycling like the P226, P229, Glock, P320, and almost any other modern semi-auto nowadays uses. There is a required amount of play in the barrel housing at the muzzle end that is built in, and it's best not to mess with it.
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