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Some very beautiful rifles in here. Here is my M1, Jan 43, from the Philippine's. My rifle, my story, as my grandfather was in the Army there from 42 to 45. Family kept that a secret...
This makes the blind shoot very well. Its just a sweet shooter. Love it.
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Winchester 1873 CCH with Maple stock. Whatever else is said about it, it's pretty.
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This one was a surprise find. I had been looking for a stainless Remington 700 in a left handed action but wasn't having much luck. Gunbroker had the occasional LSS but I couldn't seem to snag one.

Then this popped up and had precious little information. The LSS was the laminate stock and this clearly wasn't laminate. It had a buy it now price which was lower than what the LSS LH 700s had been going for. I bought it.

When I got it I couldn't tell it had actually been fired. Nor could I tell exactly what it was. I contacted Remington and they said it was a Remington Mountain Rifle with Kevlar stock, 700 KS manufactured in 2002. I had long wanted a Rem Mountain Rifle but didn't know they made them in left hand.

The thing I did not like about it was that the bolt had that Remlock protrusion that was in the way of my thumb. That could get painful, so I replaced it with a Holland Shooter鈥檚 Supply bolt shroud assembly.

I put a Zeiss 3.5 to 10 scope on it and it's a dandy rifle. Pretty too, in a utilitarian/minimalist sort of way.

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I鈥檓 surprised we haven鈥檛 seen some exotic high end rifles yet. Blaser, holland and holland, or any custom job rifles.
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