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You got me, it is not finished yet.. I am two months into a build of a Revolutionary War Rifle in honor of my 7th Generation Grandfather Aaron Marsh who fought with the VA Militia. Start browning the barrel tomorrow. Give me a couple more months.

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I'm waiting for Marlin to start back up to build their 1895 CB models in 45-70. years ago I had a Marlin 1895 and sure enjoyed shooting it. but for now I got this which took almost 25 yrs being married and family coming first but I got it in 2019.
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Custom Winchester Model 70 pre-`64 with XTR Featherweight barrel chambered in .30-06 Ackley Improved. Stock is an Al Biesen fiddle wood. I have since replaced the stock with a less valuable and more functional composite stock.

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Mel Smart built Model 70 based on pre-`64 action and prototype for his accu-bond stock and Kilimanjaro rifles. .35 Whelen.

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Not a rifle, but very pretty!

Ruger Red Label 12 ga. with blackened receiver, extra engraving, and custom English Walnut straight comb stock...

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And I also think my ARs with my own custom camo jobs are pretty, as is my Ruger Predator...

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